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Landice L770 Home Cardio Trainer Review

Landice 770 Home Cardio Trainer

Landice L770 Home Cardio trainer is a home fitness treadmill suitable for effective workout and fat burn. The equipment is a Landice L series treadmill model designed to deliver high quality exercising benefits to its users.

This is a powerful cardio treadmill using a power packed motor of 3 horsepower that can deliver a quality performance without being overheated. Designed to offer easy home workouts, this machine comes with an aluminum frame (rust free) weighing 315lbs. The solid body of Landice L770 cardio trainer is strong enough to support a maximum weight of 400lbs.

The L series treadmill machine comes with 5 well defined built in programs and each is assisted with a variable time period and easy and unlimited effort levels. The workout programs offered by this equipment are designed and planned to suit all kinds of users including novice and advanced user. Also, 5 customized built in programs are offered to support the user's need and ease. Apart from the 5 usual and 5 customized programs, this machine also comes with calorie goal programs and striking display LCD with features like time, speed, distance and heart rate monitoring program. Many customers have shown delight towards the two-color and hi-resolution feature of this display screen.

Not many complaints have been found against the Landice L770 Home Cardio Trainer except for a few late shipping deliveries or slow customer care responses at a few occasions. Also, the limitation of weight for not more than 400 lbs seems to causing a hindrance to some users keen on using the machine.

This cardio equipment is definitely a good product to keep a control over heart pulse and cardio related problems. The 4 built in heart rate monitoring programs (2 usual and 2 customized) are designed to optimize and assist the user's heart rate monitoring during the workouts. To support the cardiovascular workout process of the machine, this product also comes with standard heart rate monitoring system, a wireless chest strap and Accutrack.

Landice L770 Home Cardio trainer also offers 3 fitness tests, Firefighter, Balke and Army, for effective results and their analysis.

Some customers are pleased with the good warranty offer of 5 years for the equipment parts and 1 year for labor. Also, the equipment comes with features like four treadbelts of 20 x 58 inches; smooth VFX shock absorption system, 2 ½ inches diameter of steel rollers (14 lbs) and 'quick speed' as well as 'quick grade control' numeric keypad.

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Users have also shown positive response towards this L-series Landice cardio machine due to presence of high inertia cast flywheel. This feature is efficient enough to protect and prevent any damage occurring in motor or electronics. The machine also comes with another security feature in form of 'safety lanyard with magnetic key switch', which plays a big role if the machine is required to come to an immediate halt.

With an accessory rack, 15 % grade elevation, cardio benefits and 0.5 to 12 mph speed variety, Landice L770 Home Cardio Trainer sure has a lot to offer for its price and is great fitness equipment for all kinds of users.