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Pilates Equipment

If you are a regular participant of this particular type of group exercise, Pilates equipment is definitely something in which you may want to consider investing. If you want to utilize the Pilates method to work on a certain part of your body, personal Pilates tools can be especially helpful in maximizing the effectiveness of this one-of-a-kind workout regimen.

While most die-hard Pilates enthusiasts will tell you that all you need to effectively practice this form of fitness is a floor mat, recent popularity in the trend of using Pilates accessories makes these tools something to consider. More than 500 individual moves and poses make up the Pilates method of fitness and the majority of them focus on increasing flexibility and strengthening the core. It's true that doing the basic exercises will greatly improve your fitness and flexibility; however, studies suggest that regular use of certain Pilates equipment and accessories you can dramatically increase the results you see from your workout regimen.

What Do Pilates Accessories Do?

Even Pilates' fans sometimes get bored with their regular workout. When your body does the same workout over an extended period of time, your muscles get accustomed to the activity and your fitness will stop progressing and plateau. Using Pilates Equipment, you can easily change and adapt your workout to meet your personal needs and keep your fitness goals on track. Basic Pilates does not employ the use of workout accessories, but these very simple tools can take the standard workout to a whole new level. Accessories raise the difficulty of the poses and increasing resistance, and help you get the most benefit out of your regular routine by making a few simple changes.

Are Pilates Accessories Worth the Money

Exercise Equipment Review staff firmly believe that tools, machines and accessories are always worth the money if they provide an effective workout and you use plan on using the item enough to warrant the cost. In other words there should be a direct correlation between how often you use a piece of exercise equipment and what you spent on it.

In most cases, regular participants are encouraged to invest in a quality exercise mat as it is the most basic and necessary Pilates tool. For those who are just starting out, the mat will probably be the only tool you need for a while. However, if you want to start training on a more advanced level, a variety of Pilates equipment and accessories will help you to get the lean, toned shape you are want.

When Can Pilates Tools Be Used?

In the time since the Pilates method of exercise was invented back in the 1920's, millions of people have enjoyed utilizing these various moves and exercises to help increase flexibility, stamina and strength. As popularity for this workout increased, gyms and exercise facilities across the country began offering Pilates classes. While the majority of these classes are geared toward beginners and those of average skill, many facilities and teachers have begun incorporating these tools into their mid-level and advanced classes. If you are participating in a class of these variety and are curious as to which accessories to buy, consult your class instructor for recommendations.

Pilates accessories are also often used in the home to increase the benefits normally reaped from a solo workout. If you are considering the use of these tools at home, be sure that you are using them correctly and not pushing yourself beyond your limits to avoid injury.

While they are not for everyone, those who want to get a more intense and rigorous workout can easily do so by adding a variety of Pilates equipment and accessories into their regular routine. If you are looking for additional guidance regarding these types of fitness tools, see our list below for information and reviews about some of the most popular Pilates fitness tools.

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