Exercise Equipment Review

Where to Find Low Priced Exercise Mats

Exercise mats literally form the foundation of any floor-based exercise program. Whether it's for Yoga, Pilates or just basic crunches, the mat can make or break your workout. But at the end of the day it's just a mat...

It amazes me that some companies sell exercise and Yoga mats for $100 and more. What amazes me even more is that people must buy them! I suppose it's understandable if it's for commercial use but even so.

If you want an exercise mat for home use there is absolutely no need to spend anymore than $20 and ideally no more than $15. As long as it's durable, easy to clean and stays hygienic it will stand up to the most demanding fitness routine. Below is a list of different types of exercise mats (all under $20) that can be used for all types of floor workouts...

The best place to buy exercise mats is from a mat specialist (I didn't know they existed either!). You'll get a much higher quality, longer wearing product for your money because you're not paying for a brand name and you're buying direct from a supplier rather than a distributer. MatsMatsMats are a good example and have an excellent reputation for customer service . Clicking on the links below will take you to their site...

The Travel Exercise Mat
Very light and easy to fold/roll. Ideal to take to classes or when away from home. Not particularly thick at 1.6mm but the price is just $16.95

Classic Yoga/Pilates Mat
Twice the thickness of the travel mat and slightly longer but still easy to fold and carry. Available in 3 stylish colors. $16.95.

Deluxe Exercise Mat
Found in many gyms and Yoga classes around the country. Higher quality and more durable than the other two at just under 5mm thick. Available in 5 stylish colors. MatsMatsMats offer discounts for bulk purchases making them ideal for class instructors. $17.95 each or as low as $11 each when buying in bulk.

Mesh Exercise Mat
If you sweat a lot this is the exercise mat for you. The open weave pattern allows ventilation and prevents moisture build up. Offers the same thickness as the deluxe mat. The price is $20.95 so it's not far off our $20 budget!