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Our reviews of the weight lifting equipment and accessories will guide you through several products by going over the pros and cons. Each written review gives you the best information whether you are a seasoned weight lifter or a beginner searching for the correct way to be initiated into the sport. After reading the reviews, you will be able to choose the equipment on different criteria including quality and price. No matter what type of budget you have you will find barbells, dumbbells, weight benches and home gyms to give you the body you have always wanted.

Weight lifting or strength training is one of the best forms of exercise, and if you want to perform many of the exercises to build your body you will need the right equipment. When you are ready to purchase exercise equipment you will find choices ranging from the absurd to the incredible. Your budget and dedication to the sport will dictate what kind of strength training equipment you will purchase.

If you are new to strength training, you have probably noticed two types of weight lifting equipment, free weights and home gyms. Make your choice after finding the best equipment for the exercises you are going to perform that will take you from beginner to intermediate level.

Weight Lifting Equipment and Free Weights

Experienced weight lifters use free weights and machines or home gyms. This is because you have to use both to address the many different muscle groups on your body. Free weights are the preferred method for most experienced weight lifters because you are able to isolate your muscles with more precision. Whether your goal is to build mass or shred your muscles, free weights give you the option of accomplishing your goal.

The disadvantage in using free weights is the exercises are hard to perform and safety is a big issue. The most important factor to consider when you use free weights is your ability; never underestimate the injury you will sustain if you try to lift more than your limit. Always perform back and leg exercises with machines or home gyms because they provide a certain level of safety. However, if you are exclusively using free weights, you will need a spotter to help you with heavy weights. This is another disadvantage of free weights; you will not need a spotter with a home gym.

The price for free weights is generally cheaper because most people don't buy everything they need. If you buy enough weights to overload your largest muscle groups and the equipment to hold them such as benches the price difference is not that great. A home gym is self-contained and you can perform many types of exercises with a considerable load.

Weight Lifting Equipment and Home Gyms

You can perform all the gym exercises, which tone, strengthen and increase muscle mass with a multi-station home gym. The reason experienced weight lifters use free weights for the majority of their workout is the range of movement they are able to make. This is the biggest disadvantage of a home gym: it restricts your movement. When you use free weights, you can use any range of motion you need to target muscle groups that a home gym can't access. A machine moves in a fixed plane so your body has to adjust to the movement of the machine limiting the number of muscles you are able to target.

The greatest advantage in owning a home gym is safety, especially if you train alone because the limited range of motion on the machine prevents serious injuries. Home gyms have attachments to perform exercises for your quadriceps and hamstrings on your legs and lats (latissimus dorsi) on your back. A home gym is convenient and easy to use; you don't have to lug heavy plates on and off barbell between exercises saving you a lot of time. The space required for both types of weight lifting equipment depends on the model of the home gym and quantity of free weights you purchase.


The absurd part of the gym equipment we mentioned previously comes from late night infomercials endorsed by celebrities promising you results to good to be true. As a rule of thumb if it needs an infomercial and a celebrity endorsement it is not weight lifting equipment. It is possible to find a product that will tone and strengthen your muscles slightly, but they are rare. Stick to free weights, a good quality home gym (reviewed below) or a gym membership. After all, that is what the super-fit models do, who demonstrate those gimmicks!

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