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A Guide to Buying Dumbells

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Dumbells are undoubtedly the most complete, cost-effective fitness tool available. Their versatility an effectiveness makes them the number one choice for most types of strength training. They are perfect to build a home gym around. This article examines different dumbbells on the market and offers tips on where to buy them.

Shopping online can be a great way to make a saving and find a bargain. But it's not necessarily in the case of weight training equipment. Why? Quite simply the savings you make buying a set of dumbbells online is canceled out by shipping charges. Paying to transport 200lb of dead weight half way across the country ain't cheap!

Having said that I've found stores in the past who've had "free shipping" deals. And sometimes the dumbbells are that much cheaper you still save even after shipping costs are added to the equation.

Overall BigFitness is about the cheapest, quality online fitness merchant. You will find some of the products they offer cheaper at the other stores but Big Fitness offer many of their products with free shipping...

Different Dumbbells For Different Budgets

Adjustable Dumbells
These are getting such big attention right now that I have added a new page just for the adustables.

Vinyl Aerobic Dumbbells
Maybe you're not the bodybuilding type. If you want lighter dumbells for toning or adding resistance to aerobic workouts these could be for you.

Neoprene Dumbbell Tree
Ideal for people just starting out with weights or wanting to add resistance to their aerobic workouts. The set includes 3,5 and 8lb dumbbells and comes with a handy storage tree.

Another completely unique and innovative idea. Do you travel a lot? Do you like to keep fit on the road? You fill Aquabells with water when you want to workout providing up to 16lbs of resistance per dumbbell. When you travel they deflate weighing next to nothing. I can only find them at Bodytrends.

The Hex Dumbbell
Okay, we're onto real dumbells now! These are the cheapest fixed-weight dumbbells and are made from cast iron. They are hexagonal to stop them rolling. If you don't think aesthetics is important in dumbbells, these could be the ones for you. The price works out at $0.42 per lb of weight.

Probell System
What a unique idea! They combine the quick and easy weight change that fixed dumbbells provide without having to store 10 or 12 sets of weights. The Probell System consists of 2 adjustable dumbbells. Instead of undoing collars and adding plates you simply turn a dial at the end of the dumbbell and weight is released. There is free shipping at the moment on this prodcuct!

The Chrome Dumbbell
If it's style you're after look no further. Unfortunately they are quite expensive compared to your more ugly looking dumbbells. Don't forget though... they might look great but they do exactly the same job!

Commercial Dumbells
If you need dumbbells for commercial use again I would suggest Megafitness.com. They have five types of commercial dumbbells and are geared up for bulk orders.

Remember to shop round for the best deals... the online stores above are a good place to start. We have also reviewed other types of strength equipment like barbells, benches and home gyms...