Exercise Equipment Review

Treadmills Reviewed

Since the years since its emergence onto the fitness equipment market, treadmills have consistently been the number one seller among exercise machines. In a market where "as seen on TV" gimmicks reign supreme and fitness accessory phases come and go, this variety of machine has passed the test time and time again and continue to increase in popularity year after year for their ease of use and the significant health benefits they provide.

Why Consider a Treadmill for Fitness?

Despite the fact that they are one of the oldest forms of fitness technology on the market, the treadmill remains one of the most beneficial workout tools for those looking to lose weight, improve endurance and ultimately get the lean, shapely body you are looking to create.

One of the features about a treadmill is that no matter what your age, health goals or starting fitness level, everyone can benefit from the regular use of a treadmill. This seemingly old school technology really has something to offer everyone as it allows you to create your own customized workout regimen based on your needs and abilities. If, for example, you are a regular jogger looking for a lower impact, higher resistance workout -- treadmills can offer you that. On the other hand, you are recovering from an injury and are looking to participate in a safe, low speed walking activity as part of your rehabilitation, treadmills can help with that as well.

Along with being a piece of equipment that anyone can easily use, a treadmill is a unique fitness machine that serves as an excellent tool for accomplishing an array of health goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone your legs or increase your stamina, a treadmill may very well be the only exercise machine you need.

What are the Main Health Benefits?

Most people who use treadmills on a regular basis are doing so as part of a fitness regimen to keep their bodies fit or to lose weight and while these are definitely very important direct benefits of regular treadmill usage, many other positive benefits are to be had from this type of exercise. Running or walking on a treadmill has a number of physical benefits, however many less visible benefits also exist from this type of activity. Some of these benefits include:

How Do I Choose a Treadmill

If you are considering the purchase of a new treadmill for your home, all of the options may overwhelm you when you begin shopping. The fitness equipment market has hundreds of different treadmills to choose from, each with own unique features and benefits. The most important thing to remember while you are shopping, however is to pick a model whose price, features and warranty meet your needs most adequately.


You will quickly notice as you begin considering different models of treadmills a very broad price range for this type of fitness equipment and while cheaper models do exist, this is definitely not an area where you want to go looking for a deep bargain. While it is not necessary to go top dollar and buy the most expensive treadmill, you would be wise to spring for a quality machine to get the most out of your purchase. Fitness experts in this field recommend staying within the $1,500-$2,000 price range to avoid both ends of the spectrum, getting gouged or getting cheated.

Model Variety

The two main types of treadmills are the folding and non-folding varieties. While they perform the same task, in theory, which one you will buy will greatly depend on the level of activity that to which it will be subjected.

Folding treadmills are primarily for those who want a low intensity, walking workout. The hinge on the front of this machine decreases stability making it less than adequate for those looking to run or jog on their treadmill.

The upright version on the other hand, is a free-standing structure that has a sturdier, non-collapsible frame better suited for handling the additional pressure and weight of a higher intensity workout.

If you are looking to add a piece of workout machinery to your home to aid you in your fitness goals, treadmills are definitely an excellent selection. This popular fitness machine is easily used by most anyone and can easily help you to achieve the fitness goals you have in mind for yourself. Remember to consider all of your options before you make a final purchase and choose the treadmill model that best suits your goals and fitness needs.

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Star Trac
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Folding Treadmills
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