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Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer Reviewed

Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer Review

The Landice L870 Home Cardio Trainer Treadmill is another powerful fitness machine from the popular line of Landice Treadmills, which delivers efficient and long workout sessions due to its strong 3 horsepower motor. Complemented with a built in exercising program, this equipment also comes with a comprehensive user manual which comes in handy for all the novice fitness fans.

What attracts many customers to this product is its "Workout growth display" program, which guides a user through his workout progress. This equipment comes with 5 such programs and 5 customized programs designed as per a user's requirement. These built in programs come with erratic time and limitless try levels, thus increasing the effectiveness while working out.

With 22 x 63 inches four-ply treadbelt, this machine is 3 and 1/2 in its diameter and has 22 lbs rollers of steel. The solid body of Landice L870 makes it a heavy cardio exercising equipment; managing a maximum weight up to 500 lbs.

Landice L8 Treadmill

The cardiovascular fitness program equipment also has 3 built in fitness tests, Army, Balke and Firefighter, 4 heart rate observation programs (2 built in and 2 customized), 15% electric grade elevation and a swift speed range of 0.5-12 mph. Many customers have been pleased with its remarkable keypad features having 'quick speed' and 'quick grade control'.

It is a fitness machine well suited for places where its consumption is no more than 5 hours per day. Apart from home, some of the other places where Landice L870 has largely been used by its users are hotels, corporate offices, rejuvenating centers and mini gyms.

Not many complaints have been registered by the buyers against this machine, neither regarding the dissatisfaction nor the bad efficiency, other than the certain delay in the shipping services and an unsatisfying customer care support, which the company claims to be a momentary fault. The customers who are little overweight than the required weight managed by this product have also found disappointment in the usage of this product, as they found inefficiency and less output from their workouts.

But many customers are also seen happy and pleased about the product, especially its 'shock absorption system' as well as the technology of high inertia cast flywheel. Also, while some of the users found the bottle or magazine carrier as nothing but a usual feature, others were glad to find the accessory holder within their reach while working out on their exercise equipment. Some of the users have also found the wireless heart rate monitoring system, with both the chest strap and Accutrack contact, as a benefit to their cardiovascular fitness regime and have been recommending others for it too.

Overall, the Landice L870 home cardiovascular trainer is perfect cardio exercise equipment for working out in the privacy of your home, without spending on the gym fee or adjusting your busy schedules for aerobic classes. The Landice L870 has been excellent in its working and benefits and thus is a recommended product to purchase and stay healthy.