Exercise Equipment Review

A Guide to Weight Lifting Gloves

A simple pair of weight lifting gloves will prevent your hands from becoming callused and blistered by the unforgiving metal teeth on barbell and dumbbell grips. More importantly they will improve your grip, crucial for exercises like lat pull downs, shrugs deadlifts.

Buying a pair of weight lifting gloves is obviously not rocket science. But it's worth thinking about the quality, size and of course the price. Bodybuilding.com have one of the widest selections on the Net and as a well substantiated company have never let me down with service and delivery.

Their weight lifting gloves range from under $10 to a whopping $50 and they have over 20 different pairs to choose from. Personally, I use the Harbinger Power Series stretch back which cost just $10 but it may be worthwhile spending $15 and getting a pair with wrist support... it just comes down to personal preference...