Exercise Equipment Review



Pilates is a form of exercise that was developed in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates. This exercise method combines the three main phases of physical exercise (stretching, toning, and strengthening) into a series of movements that result in benefits for core strength, balance, and posture. The original Pilates method is the basis for many of the different methods that have spawned in recent years. STOTT PILATES is currently one of the two most well-known Pilates methods. This method combines techniques from the original method developed by Joseph Pilates with those that focus on breathing and the placement of "core" areas of the body. You can perform STOTT PILATES without anything other than a mat or equipment the company of the same name manufactures. The company has two versions of a single system in its line of fitness equipment that people can purchase to use at home.

The STOTT PILATES Reformer Package is the foundation home fitness equipment manufactured by STOTT PILATES. The SPX Reformer Package consists of several components: Reformer Box, platform extender, and pulleystraps. The Reformer Box is the main component. It includes a footstrap and is where you perform a majority of your exercises. When you perform upright exercises on this machine, the platform extender will keep your back stable and ensure that you are comfortable. The equipment includes adjustable pulleystraps that add resistance to your workouts. If you prefer to exercise without them, you can simply detach the pulleybar.

Several individuals in one household often use home fitness equipment. This characteristic places more importance on manufacturers of fitness equipment to develop equipment that accommodate users of varying sizes and fitness levels. The SPX Reformer Package includes several ways for you to adjust the equipment. As you perform exercises on this equipment, the amount of work that is required of you depends on the position of the carriage stop. You can adjust the carriage for six different carriage stops according to your needs.

The SPX Reformer Package includes five springs that dictate the amount of resistance the system provides. The gearbar works in coordination with the springs to apply an amount of tension on the springs that you determine. You can raise the footbar and headrest according to your needs; the footbar has four positions while the headrest has three. The shoulder rest helps to keep your head and neck comfortable while using the system. You can detach it if desired.

Newcomers to Pilates will appreciate the DVD that accompanies the DVD that ships with the system. It is nearly an hour in length and includes almost 50 of the more than 200 different Pilates exercises that you can perform on the machine. The DVD also includes safety measures to take when using the equipment. Two additional extras are that the system requires very little assembly and is easily stored away when not in use.

STOTT PILATES is the provider of the SPX Reformer Package, however, a visit to the company's website indicates that they provide much more than Pilates-style fitness equipment. In addition to designing and manufacturing equipment and other merchandise that facilitates their unique Pilates method, the company provides workshops and courses based on the STOTT PILATES, resources for corporate and licensed STOTT PILATES instructors, and a monthly newsletter that includes information about STOTT PILATES. The company also has a studio in its home office of Toronto, Ontario for all Pilates enthusiasts to practice Pilates.

Final Words: EER gives the STOTT PILATES Reformer Package a thumbs up, but agrees with many users that it is costly. The good news is that the system does offer a significant number of benefits for people interested in Pilates and exercise in general, and goes overboard to accommodate a wide range of people.