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STOTT PILATES Stability Chair

STOTT PILATES Stability Chair

Since the scientific and medical communities started stressing the importance of both strength and cardiovascular training, manufacturers of exercise equipment have attempted to come up with designs for performing a wide range of exercises. Pilates is a form of exercise that is typically performed with few if any supporting equipment. There are now machines that enable you to perform both Pilates-style and cardiovascular exercises. The majority of these machines resemble rowing machines. The STOTT PILATES Stability Chair goes somewhat against this grain and provides a unique design that provides for the performance of a variety of exercises.

The design of the Stability Chair is fairly simple. It consists of an oversized seat, pedals, and optional handles. Despite its basic design, the equipment is supposed to enable the user to perform an assortment of upper and lower-body exercises. The machine is also recommended for people who are interested in rehabilitating and rebalancing their muscles.

The oversized, backless chair has handles on both sides for upper-body conditioning. The design imitates the spring-load chair designed years ago by Pilates pioneer Joseph Pilates. The key difference is that the STOTT PILATES Stability Chair uses two foot pedals instead of one. You can adjust the resistance of the pedals by changing the springs. The equipment includes two heavy chair springs and two light chair springs. To change the springs, you simply unhook the spring you want to replace and hook-on its replacement. Designed as split-pedals, the pedals enable the user to move in a variety of directions. Since a majority of the work you perform on the Stability Chair involves the foot pedals, they are cushioned with foam for extra comfort.

You are not limited to perform exercises that involve the foot pedals. The handles on the Stability Chair are adjustable and removable. Simply lock the handles and you can perform a number of other exercises, including tricep dips and lunges. If you want to perform more exercises, the system ships with DVD workouts that are directed people at varying levels of fitness.

Measuring 21.5 (length) x 55.5 (height) x 22.5 (width), and weighing slightly less than 100 pounds, the Stability Chair does not take up much space. The equipment has easy-roll wheels that make transportation a snap. There are many stability chairs on the market, but the STOTT PILATES Stability Chair is the only one that is designed with a frame comprised of double steel.

There are not a lot of negative remarks from users about the Stability Chair. Many report that it is an excellent alternative to the traditional form of Pilates and allows them to improve their athletic performance. The one negative that many users share is the dislike of the price. Many users consider $1000 a bit costly for this equipment.

STOTT PILATES is a company that is dedicated to providing Pilates-related products and services. The company's head office is located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, but has offices spread throughout the world. STOTT PILATES has been in business for more than 20 years.

Final Words: The Stability Chair w/ HandlesStability Chair scores huge points with EER for its aim to give users with varying fitness goals, a total-body workout. The compact yet durable design of the machine also supports our thumbs up of the Stability Chair.