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Body Jac Review

Do you struggle to complete even just one push-up? Or maybe completing push-ups is not the problem – the real problem is that they always tend to leave you in severe back pain after performing them.
Whatever the case happens to be for you, the normal push-up motion, especially the way some people happen to perform them, is going to place a great deal of stress and strain on the back joints and possibly even your elbows as well.
In time, this can develop into a full blown injury that keeps you from doing the activities you desire.
Now however, there is a product on the market that’s attempting to change that. If you are a big fan of including push-ups in your program or you simply want to gain more muscle tone and definition and are looking for something that will allow you to do so, the Body Jac may be something for you to consider.
Let’s take a closer look at what this is so you can see for yourself whether it’s a piece of equipment you’d like to invest in.

What The Body Jac Is

The Body Jac is a device that operates using a resistance band system that will allow you to customize a push-up workout based on your own strength levels and individual needs. You’ll lay across the machine in the push-up position and it will guide you through the movement pattern, providing the support that you need throughout your back.
Since you easily can adjust it to different resistance tensions, even if you weren’t able to perform a push-up before, now you will be able to as you can take some of the resistance of your body weight off your muscle tissues.
The body jac is therefore going to help firm up the shoulders, the chest, the triceps, and even the biceps to a small degree as well. Since your core muscles will contract the entire time you move throughout the workout, you’ll also get great core stimulation as well.

Who The Body Jac Is Suited For

The Body Jac is basically suited for anyone who needs to tone and strengthen their upper body and who wants to learn how to perform a push-up properly and prevent lower back pain.
It’s also very portable, so it works great for taking to the office or while on vacation to help get a quick workout in.
Since the push-up is a compound movement pattern, it’s going to be good for calorie burning and to help you increase your total lean muscle mass.


  • Will help to reduce the stress and strain on the back during a push-up
  • Can assist those who normally can’t do a push-up complete the with ease
  • Offers varying resistance levels for those who do have more total body strength


  • Does not work the lower body muscles at all
  • Some people may find it hard to get used to the machine at first
  • Makes it more challenging to perform push-up variations (such as incline push-ups, decline push-ups, and so on)
  • Lack portability
  • Won’t provide strength gains to the same extent that full on resistance training would

The Verdict

So all in all, if you’re someone who really does enjoy performing push-ups as part of their workout routine and who wants to focus on gaining more upper body strength, you may very well consider investing in one of these machines.
While you can’t get a complete workout just using it, it is a great way to tone and strengthen your upper body while preventing injury.

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Mar 08, 2019
Tax evader invents junk!
by: Anonymous

This products sucks!!!

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