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Broken Air Climber

by Kusum

I got it on 22 march 2010 and when I opened the parcel I found that Air Climber main unit is broken. I took the photos of it, and then contacted customer service immediately. They promised to replace it within 15 days but they have not contacted or did the replacement till now(May07, 2010). I'm very disappointed regarding its poor quality and poor service!

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Busco DVD Air Climbet y soga NEW
by: Wanda Torres

Sakudos, busco el DVD DEL Air Climber,compre éste equipo hace muchos años y me funcionó muy bien , y quiero volver a usarlo ya que lo concervo todavía, pero necesito conseguir el DVD Y LA SOGA , SI ALGUIEN LO TIENE O LA COMPAÑÍA LO VENDE SOLO DÉJEME SABER PORFAVOR.

does not work
by: Romina & Pedro

me and my dad bought one of the air climbers last time at Modell's sporting good's and it worked for a about almost a month and it stopped working so we went back and bought another one and it started to work up until now and it doesn't work, so we wanted to know if you can give us another one. you can email me at rominacasahuaman@gmail.com

Baffle Tubing Faulty
by: John

The baffle tubing inside the unit needs to be made of a more durable material. After using my stepper 3 times, the baffle would allow me to step a few times, before the unit would slowly collapse under my weight (170 pounds). Warranty has long since expired. Investigation inside the unit revealed a 1/4-inch split in the seam of the tubing. Drat!

by: Anonymous

I was 301 pounds when I started using the Air Climber 3 weeks ago and it has worked just fine.It has been able to withstand my weight. Eating better of course has helped and I have already lost 9 pounds and counting...I love the Air Climber...and totally recommend it...

How about now
by: Chad

So now that you received one that isn't broken, are you happy with the performance?

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