Exercise Equipment Review


by Timothy
(Columbia SC)

Well,I've got to say here,I am sadly disappointed in this piece of equipment and all the hype that it replaces the need for a complete home gym.

first of all,the cable part is no more than "shoe string"type material,and that to me is cheap made quality.But the thing is,that in itself wouldn't be so bad,but the day it was shipped to my house,and I got it out to test it,immediately the cables started getting hung up and would not return all the way inside that blue box.

Then the next thing I noticed is,the resistance level which goes all the way up from one to five(1-5)doesn't give you enough resistance to really build muscle,just maybe a good "tone up".

At $69.95,I can truly say,it's hardly worth the price,and I can only wonder how many people have experienced the cables get hung up during a workout,but if you haven't bought it yet,don't waste your money.

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Another fraudelent exercise equipment.
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately all that is being said about this exercise equipment is nothing but a hype. It's poorly made, cables are cheaply made shoe strings and after using for the first 5 minutes the cables failed to return and provide tension.
Jackie chan should do good by returning everyone's money. He should be more careful in protecting his reputation by backing up a deceitful piece of equipment such as the cable flex. I'm totally disappointed in this piece of junk. It will be tossed out into the garbage so as not to take up valuable space in my home.

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