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Fitbit Surge Review

The variety of designs and features that are now available for electronic fitness monitoring devices make it very difficult to use any excuse for not being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are three standards that can help you determine if a fitness monitoring device is worth giving a second look: convenience, wearability, and productivity (not necessarily in that order). When making a comparison of fitness trackers, the Fitbit Surge seems to always show up in the list of top five.
The Fitbit Surge is highly favored by fitness enthusiasts of all levels for several reasons, one being its variety of features. The company that makes the device refers to it as “Fitness Super Watch.” Of course, you are able to track your workouts, sleep sessions, steps, distance, and calories burned. These options are generally considered standard. The Fitbit Surge also tracks your heart rate—automatically and all day long. The information is there for you at any time you want to know your current reading.
Music control, GPS tracking, and notifications are additional features that are available with the Fitbit Surge. If you enjoy working out with your favorite music, you can quickly and easily control the music that streams from a compatible smartphone to your ears. You must enable the feature and pair the two devices first, but once that’s done you just need to open your music app and start controlling your music. Having skip, pause, and play handy enables you to keep the motivational energy going.
The GPS tracking feature on the Fitness Surge is designed to keep detailed records of your activity, which includes elevation, distance, and pace. This feature also allows you to review your previous routes.
Worried about missing important calls and text messages while you are engaged in your favorite fitness activity? You can program the Fitbit Surge to obtain these from your smartphone.
The Fitbit Surge is battery-operated. According to the manufacturer, the monitoring device can operate continuously for up to 7 days when fully charged. At some point you will have to recharge the battery, but an hour should give you a full set. The manufacturer does provide recommendations on their websites for getting the most out of the device, which includes preserving precious battery life.
How the Fitbit Surge fits on your wrist is very important. If the device is too large you won’t be able to get contact for an accurate heart rate monitoring. If it is too tight you won’t feel comfortable and that might also skew your heart rate readings as well. The wristband is available in only small and large, but the range in size between the two should meet the needs of most humans. There are also notches on the wristband that allow you to adjust the fit as needed.
The Fitbit Surge is a high-end tracker that will cost you about $250. The good news is that you probably won’t need any additional tools to reach your fitness performance goals.
The users at the happy end of the spectrum appreciate and comment the most on the variety of features and how very close to accurate fitness readings are. While there is a significant number of positive responses to the Fitbit Surge, there are a few naysayers that find the monitoring tool average or below average. Those less impressed by the tool focus on the band being a bit bulky and the lack of GPS tracking while bicycling and a stopwatch. Both camps experienced battery life that was fewer than the number of days the manufacturers proposed.
The Final Words: EER loves the Fitbit Surge and gives it two thumbs up. There’s a lot to love about the Fitbit Surge for fitness enthusiasts. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves watching what you eat and getting adequate exercise on a regular basis. The Fitbit Surge scores big points for helping people to do both. While there are more beneficial features that could be added, the manufacturer may decide to add these as software updates in future releases.

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