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Jawbone UP24 Review

Having a personal fitness coach that is with you 24 hours a day to motivate you to reach your goals is something most people would appreciate. A personal coach is considered valuable because they focus on your health and fitness needs and work with you to help you attain your personal goals. The Jawbone UP24 is a fitness tracker with great coaching skills.
The designers of the Jawbone UP24 focused on delivering a device that offers consumers personalized fitness monitoring. The Jawbone UP24 includes Smart Coach, a feature that takes the input from your tracking data and analyzes it to find ways to help you make improvements. For example, over time the device learns your sleep patterns. When you obtain less sleep than what is considered optimal, the device provides suggestions for ways of improving the quality of your sleep in the future.
Since the Jawbone UP24 is a fitness tracker, standard features such as step and calorie counting are all included with the device. You are also able to track the food and beverages you consume. One common feature among fitness trackers that is missing from the UP24 is heart rate monitoring. For that you will have to go a level up to the UP3, which will cost you an extra $50 more than the UP24 that is priced at about $130.
Another standard feature that is missing from the Jawbone UP24 is a display that allows you to see your results. If you require instant gratification of your progress, you may be disappointed with this device. For a readout of your tracked data, you must first connect the device to your smartphone. The lack of display is not necessarily a deal-breaker. The lack of a display may prevent you from constantly checking the device for feedback, which can actually hinder your progress.
The device includes a couple of beneficial alerts. You can put away your alarm clock and use the Smart Alarm feature on the Jawbone UP24. This alert is a “gentle vibration” that nudges you to wake up. The Idle alert on the device is one that reminds you to get moving. It has become very well-known that sitting or being idle for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. With this alert feature you don’t have to think about when it’s time to get moving—it can let you know.
The manufacturers of the Jawbone Up24 have considered the smallest details to deliver a complete tracking solution. A common complaint from consumers of tracking devices is that sweating interferes with accurate readings. The Jawbone UP24 is considered splash-proof to address this problem.
If you like to wear a watch on a regular basis, the Jawbone UP24’s unique design may appeal to you. It has a streamlined design that is very inconspicuous. When you are wearing it, people may mistake it for a bracelet. There are three sizes (small, medium, and large) that range from 5.5 inches to 8 inches, so you are sure to find a perfect fit. You are also able to choose from six colors: persimmon, navy, pink coral, onyx, red, and lemon lime.
Final Words: EEP gives the Jawbone UP24 high marks for the personal experience that consumers can expect with the device. While the lack of a display and heartrate monitoring are strong negatives, users are able to experience above-average fitness tracking without these features.

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