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LIveStrong LS7.9T

by L J Kessler

Bought a livestrong LS7.9T treadmill six months ago, thought we got a decent item from a decent company. NO manual included. @ 6mo digital display showed "lube belt". Got manual off website, read VERY general instructions, finally figured out what to do; silicome oil container impossible to utilize. Finally got belt oiled, retightened belt, much slippage. Got belt tight enough so no slippage, but now making lots of noise. Wrote company--what a bunch of useless BS these people are. Turns out their "warranty" is toilet paper, doesn't cover anything like this. Will NEVER buy LiveStrong again. Save your money, buy from some other manufacturer, these guys are liars and cheats. Should change their name to LIEStrong.

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by: Anonymous

I bought the livesrtong LS7.9 T treadmill and it requires you to lube the belt every few months, but does not give detail instructions on how to do so. It sells for a great price, but quality is aweful. warranty is a lie. Do not buy. and good luck trying to get a livestrong care rep or consultant.

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