Exercise Equipment Review

powerhouse fitness/ bodymax equipment

by J Tomson
(Manchester )

First of all i have a 6ft bar when it should be a 7ft ..i specifically asked if i needed a 7ft olympic bar as i was purchasing an olympic bench from them..he said no 6ft will be fine ..people use the 6ft bar because of the size of their house ..clearly not, as it does NOT fit at all and now i cannot use the bench press AT ALL .. also i asked on ordering it if there was a tool kit with the weights so i could put it together .they said YES there is ..turns out there is NOT so ive had to spend £25 on tools to put it together as i could not buy the tools i needed in singles ,only in sets !!! .plus there is two things missing .2 lock knobs for the bench press height adjustments .. and on top of all that when i emptied it all out of the box and started puttin it together there was brown lumps of rust and brown rust powder coming out from all over the place from the inside of the frames ..NOT good whatsoever on a light coloured carpet ..i had to go outside phisically with each piece and shake them like mad to get all the rust powder out of them .not good on a cold windy night ..also the frame is slighty out of line when bolted together .but who cares about that after all the hassle ive had puttin it up.. a slighty bent frame is the least of my worries ..overall very bad customer service .didn't know there own product at all ..bits missing and very cheaply made chinese product .And best of all its been months now and nothings been done to sort any of this..ive just given up phoning them..oh and now after using the dumbells a few time's ,the plastic grips are litterally dropping off ..terrible terrible products :(

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