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Precor UBK 815 Upright Bike. An Excellent Purchase for Health Facilities.

by Adam Brown
(Iowa )

The Precor 815 upright bike is an excellent addition for health facilities that want to provide their clientele with quality equipment, but also keep a simplistic and easy to use design.

I have worked in corporate wellness for nearly two years. I also am a frequent gym user and have 6 years of experience with various fitness equipment brands. When I began my job in corporate wellness, the facility that I worked for was looking to replace some various items in their employee fitness area. The main item that was desired by many of the employees was an upright bike; however, the last bike they had purchased was of poor quality, lacked basic features, was hard to move around and was not durable enough to last in a facility that sees a lot of usage.

The Precor 815 Upright Bike has a very simple design. It has a bulkier, more industrial quality than other upright bikes, which makes it stand out. The bigger design of the bike gives it a feeling of stability. It also adds a level of assurance to the rider that they can test their abilities without breaking the bike in the process. The bike ergonomically is set up very well. Riders do not have to stretch for the handle bars or feel hunched over.

The Handlebars and seat of the bike are thicker and have a very durable covering that is easy to clean. Seat adjustments on the machine are very easy to perform. The clip to release the seat is located right beneath the rider and has a different color then the rest of the bike so that it is easier to see. The P-10 console is simple to understand. It lists all the programs and selection buttons upfront, in clear view so that the rider can make changes on the fly. The P-10 console also features a USB charging port for those who would like to connect their phone. The Bike also has wheels located at the bottom which makes it easy to pick up and move around if needed.

The Precor 815 UBK upright bike is an excellent purchase for gyms in the market for new equipment. The upright bike has a sturdy, industrial design that provides assurance that the bike will last. It has a very simple to use console that even new gym goers will be able to understand. The bike also is very easy to clean, as well as move around allowing for the gym to make equipment adjustments to better the facilities image, as well as suit the needs of their clientele.

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