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If you’re looking for an alternative way to get in shape quickly, one product that you might want to have a look at is the Whole Body Vibration VT-20 system. This product is unlike any other fitness device you’ve seen before and offers numerous benefits to those who use it.
When most people set the goal to get in shape, they think this means having to spend hours in the gym using weight machines and cardio equipment. The Whole Body Vibration VT-20 system is here to show you that there’s another way.
Let’s have a closer look at what this product is all about so that you can decide for yourself if it’s one that you want to invest some time and money into.

What The Whole Body Vibration VT-20 Is

The Whole Body Vibration VT-20 is a machine that uses a see-saw type of up and down motion to trigger primal reflexes in the body that help to maintain muscle strength, balance, and proprioception. It has you standing on a platform while this process is taking place, allowing it to work through the entire body, targeting all main muscle groups.
There is very little physical work involved for you as you use this machine, but rather, the nature of the vibration stresses the muscles in a certain manner that gets them contracting and relaxing to provide the benefits this machine brings.

Who This Is Best Suited For

In terms of who is best suited to using this machine, almost everyone can benefit however there are a specific group of individuals who this machine is perfect for.
Anyone who is currently undergoing rehab after an injury or individuals with disabilities will find this machine highly advantageous. Since they are much more restricted and often unable to perform regular strength training types of exercises, the Whole Body Vibration VT-20 can help them maintain strength levels despite their physical limitations.
In addition to this, recreational exercises will notice improvements in muscle strength by using it and those who are performing higher level sports or other intense physical activities will find their body feels looser and that they have better balance and control after regular use as well.

The Benefits This Machine Can Bring

Some of the core benefits that you’ll get from using the Whole Body Vibration VT-20 machine include:

  • Improved muscular strength and flexibility
  • enhanced metabolic rate and the ability to burn off body fat
  • Improved balance and mind-muscle connection
  • Better posture, which can help to reduce neck and lower back pain
  • Increased circulation throughout the body
  • Lower levels of fatigue
  • Improved hormonal profiles
  • Lower levels of stress and cortisol
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis
  • Decreased risk of injuries
  • Improved muscle tone and definition

The Verdict

All in all, this is a great machine for helping you take your fitness level up a notch and is best when used in conjunction with a regular workout program. It is unlikely to offer the same strengthening benefits that a traditional weight lifting session would, and may not increase your heart rate as much as a fast run on the treadmill would, but it does offer some clear benefits that you should consider making use of.
If you are especially concerned about your balance and agility, it will definitely offer you clear benefits in this area of your fitness level.
So give the Full Body Vibration VT-20 some consideration today. It doesn’t take long to use and can offer a great payoff.

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