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Withings Pulse O2 Review

Advanced performance monitoring is no longer available for just professional athletes. Anyone interested in attaining or maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do so with any number of tracking devices that are now available on the market. These devices are quickly gaining popularity because they are easy-to-use, motivating, and fun. The Withings Pulse 02 is one such device.
Like other high-end tracking devices, the Pulse 02 tracks a variety of activities. Whether you are taking a brisk walk, climbing a flight of stairs, or sleeping, the Pulse 02 can be there to track every movement. In addition to your level of activity, the Withings Pulse 02 also tracks your nutrition intake. The device does this in conjunction with MyFitnessPal, a popular meal and activity tracking app, to allow you to compare your nutrition intake against your activity level.
A unique aspect of this device is that it tracks multiple vital signs. Heart rate monitoring has always been an element of fitness tracking. The manufacturer of the Withings Pulse 02 increased the value of their device by also allowing users to measure the amount of blood oxygen in their bodies, also called oxygen saturation. This is a good thing because you need a balanced level of blood oxygen to keep your organs functioning properly. Another good reason to measure your blood oxygen level is to make sure it doesn’t get too low, which can indicate serious health conditions such as cardiac arrest.
Adequate sleep is an essential element of good health. Just getting to bed is not enough. You need quality sleep. This is where the Withings Pulse 02 comes in. The device not only tracks the number of hours you sleep, but it also provides an analysis. You can view a chart that shows the total hours you slept and how that time was broken down between being awake, a light sleep, and deep sleep. You can use this analysis to determine if you need to seek ways to improve the quality of your sleep.
Versatility is not a feature commonly associated with fitness, but the Withings Pulse 02 allows you to engage your own bit of creativity and personality while tracking your health and fitness. Trackers are normally only able to be worn on the wrist. You have choices with the Withings Pulse 02. You can let the device ride on your waistband, carry it in a pocket or bag, or add the wristband for a traditional style. The device is available in two colors: blue and black.
When you’re ready to review your performance, you don’t have to log into an app or website. Simply swipe the display and immediately view more than a week worth of activity tracking. Being able to see your progress can be a great motivator. If you want a more detailed view, you can sync the device with your mobile device and have data automatically transmitted. There is also an app available that you can use.
The cost of the Withings Pulse 02 is one reason that many people end up trying it instead of other devices. The Withings Pulse 02 is priced at $119.95, about $10 less than its competitors. Consumers of the Pulse 02 are impressed with the sleep analysis feature and the ability to track so many different activities. There are a few complaints about sweat interrupting the accuracy of readings and the difficulty of reading the display in sunlight. Overall, owners of the device are very happy with it what it has to offer in comparison to other similar devices.
Final Words: EER considers the Withings Pulse 02 a well-rounded device and give it a thumbs up. Users are able to obtain a complete profile of their current health condition and set goals to make improvements.

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