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Yowza Largo Elliptical

by David

Suggested fix for pedal squeaking

Suggested fix for pedal squeaking

I have had the Largo for about three months and electronics have malfunctioned on several occasions, sending the thing out from the program you're in and into overdrive (top resistance level). It also requires you to reconfirm your profile every time you use it(there are multiple profiles you can program into it for different family members). To top it off, the plastic parts on the machine rub together as you use it and sound like gramma's rocking chair! It's so loud, that I can't hear the TV over it.

While their technical support tries to be helpful, these are design and production flaws that mean you will constantly be having to try new "fixes" and wait for technicians to come by your house to fix them. I suggest you pay more and get more!

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Yowza Largo obvious problem fixes
by: Anonymous

Here are some obvious fixes for the Largo "issues"

1. You do not have to re-program it evey time you turn it on. when first turned on it comes up with "U1" (user 1). Press up/down to select the user then press and HOLD the enter button, it will very quickly step though all the programes settings and stop at the program you last selected, then just presss start to begin. This is explained in the manual, very fist step.
2. If the Largo is changing resitance seeming by itself you may be unknowingly pressing the thumb control button. The largo will also automatically adjust the resistance up and down as part of the selected program.
3. If the palstic parts are making noise i would suspect they were assembled poorly or incorrectly, my Largo makes no noise at all. Try a little baby powder or just remove them, they are only there for appearance and the machinr will work fine without them.
Hope this helps.

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