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As you go about your abdominal program, one piece of equipment that you'll definitely want to check out and give some consideration to is the Powerwheel. While there are many different types of ab devices that you can use in your quest for six pack abs, very few actually deliver.

Not much short of hard work and a proper diet plan is going to allow you to see the success that you're after. Fortunately, the Powerwheel will target the 'hard work' element of that equation, helping you form an effective workout that builds core strength while firming and flattening the stomach.

Let's take a closer look at what the Powerwheel is all about so you can make an informed decision of whether it's right for you.

How This Device Helps You Get Flat Abs

The very first thing we need to look at is how this device is going to assist with you getting those flat abs you desire. In order to see great ab results, you need to combine a lower calorie diet that will help you melt body fat off your frame along with exercises that will target all the main muscle fibers in the abdominal region, getting them contracting at an extremely intense pace.

Unlike crunches, this exercise is really going to have the ab muscles working hard as they try and maintain the flat back position as you roll outwards while holding on to the handles of the wheel.

The further out you roll, the more ab muscle activation you will receive. It is important to note however that you should only roll out as far as you are comfortable as going too far and starting to arch your back will just place a high level of stress on the lower back vertebrae. This is to be avoided.

Go as far as you can comfortably, pause, and then reverse the action to complete the rep.

Additional Benefits You'll Receive

As an added benefit of this powerwheel, you'll also strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and triceps all to a small extent due to the nature of the movement pattern.

This makes it a good full body activity that will really complement the rest of your workout routine. Due to the fact that you are working so many muscle fibers at once, that will also increase the total calorie burn that you experience, accelerating the rate of fat burning occurring as well.

The Verdict

All in all, if core strength is something that you'd like to work towards, the powerwheel should be a consideration. This piece of equipment has adjustable toe and heel fasteners to ensure that it works with your own body shape and also includes an instructional DVD to provide you with some advanced exercise moves.

Whether you're new to fitness or someone who has been training for quite some time, you will see good results by adding this device into your core workout plan.