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Scifit PRO2 Sport

Scifit PRO2 Sport

Total body fitness machines are becoming more and more popular. There are two main reasons behind this surge in the market: (1) The fitness and medical community reports that there are significant benefits to performing total body workouts, and (2) people are interested in condensing their workout to a single machine. The total body machines that are on the market are available in various designs. The Scifit PRO2 Sport machine is unique in that it enables you to work your upper and lower body while you remain seated.

The Scifit PRO2 functions very similar to a bicycle, with the exception that you are able to obtain an upper-body workout. The arm cranks and steps are adjustable and bi-directional. As you workout, the equipment automatically changes the resistance to keep you within your ideal target heart rate. As with most of the Scifit fitness products, this machine has 200 resistance levels. The resistance levels are adjustable in increments of 0.1. The amount of power that is generated by the Scifit PRO2 is totally dependent on the amount of energy the user of the equipment provides.

The Scifit PRO2 Sport includes several unique features. With a push of a lever, people with physical disabilities can replace the machine's seat with a wheelchair. The machine includes a platform to enable easy wheelchair access. The console is positioned directly in front of the seat and is adjustable to fit the needs of different people. From the consoler you can monitor typical workout functions, including hear rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and level.

Interested in monition your heart rate? You have the option of adding a Polar chest strap. The Fit-Key option functions as a training coach. With this wireless plug-and-play option you have access to preset exercise programs that are stored on a "key." Since the programs are preset, you don't have to worry about adjusting the resistance or modifying your workout.

Scifit the company that manufacturers the Scifit PRO2 Sport machine, opened shop in the mid 1990s to focus on developing commercial fitness equipment. It's no accident that the company's name represents the combination of science and fitness. The company's parent company, Sinties, was developed in the mid 1980s for the purpose of offering medical-related products to individuals with disabilities. The company's main goal is to provide products that meet the wellness and fitness needs of all types of people.

The Scifit PRO2 Sport machine is relatively new to the market, so there are very few reviews available about the equipment. Of the reviews available, people seem satisfied with the equipment. The one negative complaint that some people have is the price tag (the machine costs about $4000).

There are several positive aspects of the Scifit PRO2 Sport that leads EER to gives the equipment a thumbs up. The self-generated power scores big points with us because your progress is directly related to the amount of work you output. This aspect of the machine also benefits the environment. We also like that it is wheelchair accessible; a feature rarely seen in the fitness industry.