Exercise Equipment Review

Smooth 5.65 Treadmill

Smooth 565 folding treadmill

Walking is considered a basic form of exercise that offers a significant number of benefits. The really good news about walking is that you can do it just about anywhere. If you prefer to do so in the privacy of your own home, a treadmill is one of the best exercise equipment options for you. Probably the most significant benefit a treadmill offers is a low-impact workout. Whether you are just starting an exercise program or you are a seasoned runner, a low-impact workout is ideal to keep your joints healthy. Another advantage of using a treadmill is that you will typically spend less money than other fitness equipment and have a product that will last many years. The Smooth 5.65 treadmill is one of the new models on the market and one of the 2010 upgrade models manufactured by Smooth Fitness.

The main upgrades associated with the Smooth 5.65 are the number of workout programs, improved console, and added controls. This treadmill has 14 different programs that focus on speed, distance, heart rate, and incline. If you want to design your own program, there is one custom program available. You don't have to use a program. You can set the treadmill for manual and make adjustments to the speed and incline while you workout. Accessing the controls for incline and speed is easier since they are now built into the system. The improvement to the console may seem insignificant, but while you exercise it is important for the display to be clear and readable, so you don't have to interrupt your workout to read the display. The Smooth 5.65 features a large display with a blue background that makes the information on the screen more readable.

The standard features on the Smooth 5.65 are commendable. The motor and workout surface specifications for this treadmill are above what is considered basic for treadmills. The motor offers continuous 2.5 horsepower, which according to fitness equipment experts is capable of providing a workout for a long-distance runner. The workout surface is shorter than higher end models, but is suitable for people of average height. The Smooth 5.65 treadmill also includes a water bottle holder, cooling fans, and hand pulse grips.

The Smooth 5.65 treadmill is a new model, but customers are already saying good things about the equipment. The most outstanding features pointed out are the equipment's quality and easy setup. Customers are also happy that this lower end model includes features available with higher-end models without the high price tag (this treadmill costs about $1,000).

Final Words: EER gives the Smooth 5.65 a thumbs up. We gave the Smooth 5.25, the treadmill's predecessor, a good report, and echo the sentiments of customers that the machine is truly an upgrade. The equipment is still a good buy among low-end treadmills, but now includes some nice extras that enhance the user's workout experience.