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Ab Glider

ab glider

If you're someone on a quest for six pack abs, it's important that you're only including the best of abdominal exercises in your workout program. To help you achieve this goal, one piece of equipment that you will want to check out is the ProForm Ab Glider.

This piece of equipment will take your standard abdominal crunch and supercharge it, helping you get superior results in half the time.

Why is this machine so effective? The secret behind its success is the fact that it uses a dual motion system that will engage not only the front abdominal muscles, but also call your obliques into play as well.

In order to see the utmost benefits from your ab workout, it's important that you're hitting the muscles at all angles as this is one muscle group that's fast to adapt. Using the ProForm Ab Glider you'll perform both a circular and crunching motion, making sure each muscle fiber is maximally stimulated.

Due to this dual motion you're also going to burn up calories twice as fast throughout the workout and since getting six pack abs does come down to burning more calories throughout the day to increase overall fat loss, this will be a huge benefit.

The ProForm Ab Glider comes with a sturdy steel frame that is made with durability in mind so not only will you be comfortable while using it, but you can feel confident that the equipment will last for a long time.

The movement pattern that you'll execute with the ProForm Ab Glider is also much safer for the body than a traditional crunch performed on the floor, so if you're someone who suffers from back pain or is worried you might be at risk of back pain, it's a much better ab workout to use.

One drawback that some people may find with the ProForm Ab Glider pro is that it can take a bit of time to get used to the movement pattern, so you may not pick it up at first. In fact, some people may find that it feels rather awkward initially, but with sufficient time and practice this typically can be overcome.

The second potential drawback for some individuals is they may think that as long as they are using the ProForm Ab Glider regularly they will get six pack abs and will neglect training for the rest of their body.

Remember, you always want to be making sure your body stays well balanced, so full body training will be paramount.

Since diet is such a huge component of getting six pack abs as well since it's what will help bring down those low body fat levels, the manufactures of the ProForm Ab Glider have provided you with a full eating guide as well as two training DVD's to ensure that you do see success when using it.

If you implement the eating strategies provided and make sure to also perform a proper full body strength training workout program along with using your ProForm Ab Glider, then you can rest assured that you're on track to a firm, flat stomach.