Exercise Equipment Review

The Ab Doer Reviewed

The Ab Doer is one the most sought after ab machines on the market. But is the convincing infomercial responsible or the quality of the product?

This machine has received some criticism with regard to the lack of resistance it provides. Some users don't feel like they've had an intense enough workout. It's therefore probably not the best product for advanced exercisers and anyone looking for a rippling six pack!

There have also been a few complaints that the back massage roller hurts the skin on your back. While this might not be a problem for everyone it's worth bearing in mind.Ab-Doer Xtreme

Many ab machines on TV can give the impression they are designed to burn fat around your waistline. The only way to burn fat (regardless of where it's stored on your body) is to expend more calories than you consume. From that perspective the Ab-Doer Xtreme is no more or less effective than any other ab machine.

Of course one or two negatives cited by a few customers are, on balance out-weighed by the positive feedback. It is one of the few ab machines that allows you to target all areas of your midsection. And unlike may abdominal exercises no strain is felt on the neck or lower back.