Exercise Equipment Review

Does The Ab Energizer Really Work?

The Ab Energizer like all ab belts uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS). So perhaps the real question is whether EMS is effective?...

Medical Professionals, hospitals and physiotherapists all over the world regularly use EMS and a similar method called Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS) on their patients. Why?

Because it works. It does exactly what is designed to do and does it well. And what is it designed to do? Aid the rehabilitation and healing process by reducing swelling, inhibiting pain and strengthening and toning targeted muscle groups.

Can EMS promote weight loss? Unfortunately not. What these products will do is strengthen and firm your abdominal muscles or any muscle group you apply it to. But if your abs happen to be hidden beneath a layer of fat, neither the ab Energizer or any ab machine on the market will you give you a flat stomach or six pack, if they are used alone.

ab energizer

If you read their promotional material, you'll notice they're careful to make weight loss claims only when combined with a proper diet and aerobic exercise program. The reason being is that EMS is "passive exercise" that will burn very few calories. And remember it's the number of calories expended that determines the effectiveness of a fat-burning workout.

So does that make the Ab Energizer a waste of money?

No. Not if you intend to use it for strengthening and toning your abs rather than as a weight loss aid. If you don't have the inclination to do traditional sit-ups or use conventional ab machines, then a product like the Ab Energizer may be a good alternative for you, especially as it's less expensive than most "as seen on TV" products.