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Abstorm Review

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If you have a goal to get six pack abs, one product that you might find yourself looking into is the Abstorm. The Abstorm is an innovative new product that is going to put the fun back into your ab workouts and best of all, provide you with a cardio workout at the exact same time.

Since the abdominal area is one area of the body where most people do struggle the most, it's important that you aim to target it from as many different angles as possible as this is what will provide you with the best results.

The Abstorm is what aims to accomplish this. Let's take a closer look into what this product is all about so that you can see whether it's right for you.

What The Abstorm Is

The Abstorm is a machine that you're going to sit directly in with the feet outstretched and the arms placed beside you on two handlebars. From there, you're going to begin to twist the body from side to side, utilizing the oblique and ab muscles as you do so.

The further you twist, the more muscle fiber recruitment you're going to experience.

The Abstorm comes with a very cushioned seat that is going to provide a high level of comfort to the body and ensure you enjoy every minute of use in this machine.

Benefits To Using The Abstorm

One of the unique features of the Abstorm that does set it apart from any other abdominal machines out there is the fact that it's going to provide you with a cardio workout as well. Using this device is going to give you an excellent calorie burn, further helping you torch fat so that you can see maximum muscle development.

To add to this, it's also going to stimulate the butt, thighs, and arms to a low extent as well, making this a very effective workout.

The machine comes with three different levels of resistance, so it will meet users of all abilities whether you're a beginner or someone who is more advanced in their fitness level.

The Abstorm machine has also been designed to be as least stressful on the back and neck as well, which is where many traditional ab machines falter. You won't be doing any variation of 'crunch' motion while using the Abstorm, so it completely gets away from that movement pattern.

Furthermore, the Abstorm will directly target the lower abs very well, whereas many other ab machines won't. This will provide you with that complete six pack ab look that you're going for.

The Verdict

All in all, the Abstorm is a very unique ab machine on the market that will provide you with a workout that you've never come close to before. It'll be far more effective than any traditional ab workout due to the fact that it will get your heart rate up, allowing you to burn far more calories in the process.

Since getting a flat stomach is as much about bringing down your body fat compared to toning and firming the muscles, this makes it very effective for reaching your goals.