Exercise Equipment Review

A Selection of the Best Treadmills for 2006/2007

Why do the models below feature on the best treadmills page? In our opinion they offer the most outstanding value for the price (in terms of specifications, warranty and servicing) and not coincidentally, they rank well in consumer reports and are highly regarded by independent experts.

Needless to say there are no definitive guidelines as to what constitutes a good treadmill or not. This is our opinion only. So be diligent and get advice and opinions from as many different sources as possible. It's also worth bearing in mind that we have not reviewed every treadmill or brand on the market.

Finally, when all is said and done, the oldest consumer cliche in the world applies firmly to treadmills and indeed all exercise equipment... you get what you pay for!

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Budget Treadmills (Under $500)
While treadmills in this price bracket lack the stability, power and longevity of more expensive models, they are adequate for power walkers and light joggers.

Weslo C44 Treadmill
At just $400 few motorized treadmills are cheaper.

Best Treadmills Low Range($500 - $999)
Still entry level machines but there are some good treadmills towards the higher end of the scale. If you are a strong runner around a $1000 is the least you should ideally pay.

Smooth 5.25P Treadmill
Highly Recommended.One of the best value for money treadmills on the market.

Proform 795SL Treadmill
About $200 less expensive than the Smooth 5.0P but the poor warranty gives Smooth the edge.

Best Treadmills Mid Range($1000 - $1999)
More seasoned runners will appreciate the increased power, stability and electronics generally found on treadmills in this price range.

Smooth 6.25 Treadmill
Highly Recommended. Superb machine that offers as much as treadmills twice the price.

Smooth 7.1HR PRO Treadmill
Another great entry from Smooth and it's power folding too!

High End Treadmills ($2000 - $2999)
As the price increase over $2000 you don't have to worry as much about brand. They should all be up to the job. Superior construction without being unaffordable.

Smooth 9.17 HRO Treadmill
Highly Recommended. A tad over $2000 makes this Smooth's third and strongest entry.

Premium Treadmills ($3000 - $3999)
Almost club quality machines that are designed to last. Sturdily built often with commercial grade components, they should take a battering.

Precor M.33/M.35 Treadmill
Highly Recommended. Two of the best home treadmills if you can afford the $4000 or so.

Star Trac Sport Treadmill
Probably Star Trac's best value home treadmill.