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California Fitness Mini Stepper

California Fitness Mini Stepper

Looking for a fast and fun workout that will effectively melt body fat while strengthening the lower body that you can do right in the comfort of your own home? If so, then you'll want to give some consideration to the California Fitness Mini Stepper.

Many people are well acquainted with the stepper in the commercial gyms but now with this simple piece of cardio equipment, you can get very similar benefits in your very own living room.

With the mini stepper, you'll step right on top of it, placing one foot on each foot pad and then perform the stepping movement pattern, working against the resistance that the machine provides.

Since there are no hand rails on this mini stepper however, one added benefit that you'll get with it over the gym stepper variety is that there will be no cheating throughout the workout. Often you'll find those using commercial stepping machines to be leaning entirely on the handrails, thus taking much of the emphasis off the leg muscles.

Not with this machine though. You'll be fully utilizing only your leg power to complete the workout so you'll instantly start to feel a great burn in your glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and calves. In addition to this, it'll also target your core as it contracts to maintain the upright balanced position.

This mini stepper is also priced right at under a hundred dollars so will make for a great investment for those who are on the strictest budget. In addition to this, being that it only weighs 19 pounds total and has dimensions of 17 by 17 by 13 inches, you can easily pick this up and move it to any place in your house when you need to get a workout in.

The foot pedals on the machine are designed with comfort in mind and will be wide enough to fit any foot size while also having a non-slip surface.

One drawback that you may find with this machine however is that the range of motion that you work through with this stepper may not be as great as what you'd use when on a commercial stepping machine, so for this reason the muscle strength gains will not be as high as if you had a larger movement pattern.

Finally, the last nice thing about the California Fitness Mini Stepper is that it also comes with an electronic display on it which will give you a readout of approximately how many calories you're burning as well as your stepping rate throughout the workout.

If you're someone who likes to track all the variables about each session to ensure you're moving appropriately towards your goals, you'll really enjoy this feature.

So if you are on the hunt for a cost-effective piece of cardio equipment that you can pull out any time you need a quick workout session, then the California Mini Stepper provides a great option. Not only will you work your cardiovascular system as intended, but you'll also get a fantastic leg strengthening workout as well.