Exercise Equipment Review

EL 3000i Elliptical Trainer

EL 3000i Elliptical Trainer

Featuring an 18-inch stride length to mimic the natural walking motion, this elliptical trainer provides a low-impact exercise perfect for those people who have pain or discomfort in their knees. Attached handles allow this to be a total body workout by working the upper body. Monitoring the exercise is accomplished by attached sensors in the handles that relay the information to a multicolored LCD screen so that the exerciser can keep track of their workout time, calories burned, distance, speed and resistance levels. Heart rate is also displayed as part of the monitoring.

The EL 3000i Elliptical Trainer features eight preset programs, each with varying levels of resistance so that the user has total control over the intensity level of their workout. In addition to the preset programs, there are several fully customizable options including the My Zone Heart rate control program, My Zone Heart Rate interval, and customized time programs. The heart rate control program allows you to enter a targeted heart rate that is kept constant throughout the timed workout as the machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep you at that rate. My Zone heart rate interval allows the user to program a minimum and maximum heart rate target and then adjusts the intensity up and down throughout the workout to take advantage of higher and lower levels of intensity.

There is a lifetime warranty on both the frame and brake life of this elliptical trainer, as well as a three-year warranty on parts and labor. The maximum weight limit for this machine is three hundred pounds. The resistance system for the EL 3000i Elliptical Trainer machine is an eddy current brake. At 52 x 61 x 28, this machine is smaller than commercial models and features front mounted wheels to make it fully transportable from room to room in your home.

Additional features for this model include an integrated USB storage device which allows the workout information to be stored and then uploaded for online analysis. This allows the user to see how hard they are working, how well they are meeting their fitness goals and what they need to do to improve. Knowing this information allows the user to see more results in a shorter amount of time in many cases as well as keeping their motivation level high. There are built-in audio speakers and a headphone jack as well. Blue gel pads on each pedal make them even more comfortable to use.

The bottom line for the EL 3000i Elliptical Trainer: Elliptical training machines are low impact for the user and are less painful than many other types of exercise for those who have sore knees or other joints. The addition of the USB storage device allows for more in-depth analysis of the workout and can keep the user more motivated in the long run as they see their own fitness levels improving.