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Elliptigo Review

If you find that you're often struggling with the decision of whether to head out for a run or choose to stay inside and use the elliptical trainer, now you can get the best of both worlds. Check out our Elliptigo Review to find out why.

This piece of fitness machinery is really cross training at its finest. It offers you all the advantages that running does without the impact that's commonly involved. Any runner who's injured due to the pounding stress of running will definitely appreciate the Elliptigo as it will allow them to continue to take their workouts outdoors all while maintaining their fitness levels.

The Elliptigo is essentially an elliptical machine on wheels, which allows you to move through the typical elliptical movement pattern while powering the machine along the path in which you're following.

One thing that should be noted however with the Elliptigo is that the arm movement associated with the elliptical will be taken out. So while you will receive the same lower body conditioning that you would choosing the elliptical trainer, you won't get the upper body firming and toning benefits that it provides.

Elliptigo image
Depending on your goals and preferences however, this may not be that big of a factor.

The machine has a wheel base of 54 inches and an operating height of 50-57 inches depending on the particular set-up you're using with it.

In addition to that it also has a cruising speed of approximately 15 miles per hour and a sprinting speed of 23 miles per hour and above, so it's clear to see that you will be moving while on this machine.

The steering column has patented pending roto-lock safety technology to help prevent injury development and ensure you the smoothest ride possible. It also comes with linear pull front and rear breaks to further enhance safety features.

Since this machine places far more stress on the quads while using it than running does, if you're a runner who has decided to switch over to try this out, you are definitely going to notice the difference in the workout you get from it. The lower body strengthening received by the Elliptigo will be unmatched by flat level ground running and you'll still receive the same great cardiovascular benefits from it.

One of the most commonly mentioned customer comments found in users of this machine is how much fun they have using it. While it may look funny at first to see it out on the street, there's nothing that can quite compare to it so you will definitely be in for something new when you first get started.

Some people may find that the action pattern does take a while to get used to, especially if you haven't been on an elliptical machine before or don't have the best of balance capabilities, but after a few trial runs you should find you're completely at ease with it and have no problem carrying on your workouts.

So whether you're an elliptical user or a runner, have a look at the Elliptigo next time you feel your workout could use a change and you're ready to try something new.