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Flex Belt

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If there is a common complaint that people have about fitness, it is that it takes too much time to obtain results. As technology has advanced, it is becoming easier for people to obtain sufficient exercise in a limited amount of time. In recent years, manufacturers of workout equipment have used technology to attempt to make fitness equipment easier to use and to accelerate the health and aesthetic results. The Flex Belt is one such product. According to the company that manufactures the Flex Belt, using the equipment for just half an hour every day can produce significant results in one to two months.

One aspect is definitely true of the Flex Belt: fitness equipment doesn't get any easier. The Flex Belt is made of a spandex-like material, and consists of three key components: the belt, gel pads, and a control device. It may not consist of much, but the Flex Belt has generated a lot of buzz in the fitness industry. According to research conducted by several reputable companies, studies prove that a large percentage of the people that use the Flex Belt obtain positive results.

The science that is responsible for the results with the Flex Belt is called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS refers to the contraction of muscles by an electrical means. Inside the belt are three gel pads that when worn are positioned over key abdominal muscles. When the belt is powered on, electrical pulses go to the nerves of the muscles to cause them to contract and relax, exactly what happens when you do sit-ups or crunches. However, most people aren't able to perform 150 crunches every day, the number of contractions the Flex Belt is purported to provide within a 30-minute session.

The sensation that you experience when wearing the Flex belt is generally mild and has been deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can easily control the intensity using the handheld control. The control has an intensity range as small as 1 and as intense as 100.

The Flex Belt gel pads are coated with a substance that provides conductivity between the product and your skin. Over time (about 30 sessions), the gel pads will lose their conductivity properties and become less and less effective. To ensure continued positive results, it's imperative that the gel pads are replaced at the appropriate time.

The belt fits a waist up to 44 inches, but an extender is included for individuals with a larger waist. The product also ships with a power unit, instruction manual, and a carrying case.

The fitness benefits of the Flex Belt seem two fold. While you can tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles, you can also use the product to repair your muscles after a strenuous workout. To work additional parts of your body, you can purchase other accessories that work with the Flex Belt.

What people seem to like most about the Flex Belt is that it can be used just about anywhere. The belt is specifically designed to fit discreetly under clothing. The $199 price tag has garnered some grumbles by consumers, but this seems to be downplayed by the positive results they received.

Final Words: EER gives the Flex Belt a thumbs up. The equipment is easy to use, is suitable for a wide range of people, and is built on sound science. We would consider this product complete if the contact pads didn't have to be replaced as often. Since the belt is really targeting specific muscle groups, it would also be helpful if the product shipped with a recommended healthy diet plan and workout information.