Exercise Equipment Review

ISO7X Review

Despite the numerous technological advancements today that were supposed to make life easier, people are working harder than ever. Although people lead more hectic lifestyles, the importance of physical fitness continues to be a top priority. In response to people needing exercise equipment that is effective and time efficient, makers of fitness equipment are starting to find creative ways of producing equipment that is beneficial for health and that is conducive to a busy life. The current trend in home equipment is small size with big benefit. The ISO7X isometric workout system is an exercise machine that seems to fit in this new realm of fitness equipment.

Strength training is typically associated with weightlifting, but anything that provides resistance for your muscles is a form of strength training. The ISO7X is touted as being equipment for performing isometrics, exercises that focus on increasing strength through static motion rather than repetition. The equipment consists of a crossbow that you use to perform more than 30 different exercises, spending about seven seconds with each. The equipment ships with a wall chart to help you get started with the exercises that are different than what you would normally expect with strength training. The system also ships with ISO Arms that you twist to strengthen your forearms.

The ISO7X is designed to work all major muscle groups without stressing the joints. To use the equipment, you set your level of resistance and hold the exercise for seven seconds. You continue this process to target several muscles within ten minutes. The equipment is unique to similar products in that it has a calibrated meter that allows you to track your improvement in strength.

Ontel Products Corporation, the company that manufacturers the ISO7X, was founded in the mid 1990s and has been a major contender in infomercial marketing. The company has offices in California, Hong Kong, and New Jersey, and manufactures several "As Seen On TV" health, beauty, and hardware products.

The reviews of the ISO7X are mostly positive. What people appreciate most about the equipment is that it provides a quick and efficient workout, doesn't require any setup, and is inexpensive (costs about $30). The few naysayers of the ISO7x consider the exercises too difficult and claim the wall chart could be improved. However, many of the equipment's critics consider the equipment effective.

Final Words: EER gives the ISO7X a thumbs up for its innovative approach to strength training and development of a fitness product that is easy for people to incorporate into their schedules. Another good point about this product is that there is a wall chart to ensure that you are performing the exercises properly.