Exercise Equipment Review

Lifespan RW1000 Rower

Lifespan RW1000 Rower

The rowing machine uses three different types of resistance to accomplish its targeted goal of a full body workout with lower impact on the body's joints. This model by Lifespan Fitness uses the eddy current flywheel to build the needed resistance. In this case, the flywheel weighs 16.5 pounds.

As a user completes the rowing motion, the flywheel sucks in air and builds resistance; the more motion, the more air and therefore more resistance. This model also features the ability to manually adjust the resistance giving you the option of five levels of resistance and a more varied and complete workout that remains low impact and easier on the joints than other workout types.

The RW 1000 Rowing Machine also features a no-slack retrieval system that means the rowing strap is never loose, giving you resistance on both the forward and backward stroke making your workout time that much more efficient. Magnetic brake resistance also ups the amount of work that you will do, making this an all-around better machine than other models in its class.

The RW 1000 Rowing Machine features a five-year warranty on its solid steel frame. There is also a two-year parts warranty as well as a one-year warranty on any necessary labor. This machine has a weight limit of three hundred pounds.

The measurements for the RW 1000 Rowing Machine are: 87 x 19 x 23 and it folds for easy storage. The folded measurements are 34 x 19 x 64.

In addition to the strong, solid steel frame and the easy storage capabilities, the RW 1000 Rowing Machine features an LCD readout console that providers feedback information for distance, calories, expired time or time remaining, strokes and strokes per minute so that the workout can be customized to reach the goal set for the day. For instance, if a user sets a goal of remaining on the machine for five minutes longer than the day before or was working to increase the amount of strokes per minute, the readout would give that information immediately.

The average rating for this rowing machine model was a five of five stars, with all of the comments very positive. It is a strenuous workout but remains lower impact than jogging or other types of workouts in the class. It also is beneficial as both cardiovascular exercise and strength training at the same time. There are also those users who report increased flexibility in the upper back after adding the rowing machine to their regular workout routine. However, with all other machines and exercises it should be noted that overuse of the rowing machine can lead to strain in the main muscle groups worked, so a little restraint will pay off here. As a regular part of a well balanced and varied workout routing though, the rowing machine is a great addition.

The bottom line for the RW 1000 Rowing Machine: A great, low-impact but high-resistance workout to include in a varied workout routine. Well-made machine is comfortable for most users and folds for easy, out-of-the-way storage.