Exercise Equipment Review

Lifespan S2 Cycle Trainer

Engaging in a variety of exercises that condition your heart and strengthen your muscles has proven to be a good prescription for general health. Unfortunately, most people don't have time in their schedule to squeeze in multiple types of exercises. The good news is that there is some exercise equipment on the market that is designed to provide a "total" workout. Spinning has become a very popular indoor exercise that is typically performed in a gym as a group exercise. Yes, you can burn a lot of calories, increase your endurance and energy, and improve your strength. However, the popularity of using a spin bike is more associated with the fact that you can obtain the benefits of riding a bike outdoors without having to go outside. Spin bikes are designed to simulate riding on various environments. Of the spin bikes available on the market, the Lifespan S2 is a very popular choice.

The Lifespan S2 consists of all the major workings that make a spin bike a workforce exercise machine that provides comfort and a natural feeling. The 40 pound balanced flywheel ensures the machine's durability and provides maximum power while you exercise. The equipment is made of a steel frame and has pedals mad of alloy with sealed bearings. The Lifespan S2 weighs about 100 pounds, but there are wheels mounted at the front of the bike for easy transport. There is a bottle holder attached to the bike for easy access while you exercise.

One feature that makes the Lifespan S2 standout from its competitors is its seat, which has aft and fore adjustability. Being able to adjust the seat both vertical and horizontal is what enables you to use the bike as if you were riding a bike outdoors. The handlebars and pedal straps are also adjustable to accommodate people that are between 4"11 and 6"5, which is essential for maximizing comfort and minimizing injuries. If you have an existing outdoor bike and you are attached to its seats and pedals, you can easily interchange these components on the Lifespan S2.

Lifespan manufacturers the Lifespan S2 spin bike. The company is a subsidiary of PCE Health and Fitness, which has offered health-related products since the mid 1990s. The company introduced the Lifespan extension in 2001 for the purpose of providing exercise equipment to mature adults. The company's target market has expanded to include people of varying ages and levels of physical activity. The company's markets equipment for both individual and commercial use.

The reviews of the Lifespan S2 are overwhelmingly positive. The most significant feedback is related to how closely the bike matches spinning bikes used in traditional classes. People also rave about its solid construction and easy assembly. Some people have complained about the quality of some of the bike's components, but say that the $599 price makes it a winner.

Final Words: The price and features lead EER to give the LifeSpan S2 a thumbs up. Spinning is an exercise that is traditionally performed within a class setting. While the LifeSpan S2 can provide an efficient workout, EER believes that newcomers to spinning would benefit from a DVD workout. In addition, DVD workouts typically accompany exercise equipment. Furthermore, if you are a seasoned verteran from the spin classes you will find the same level of stability, ajustability, and comfort you would get from the gym.