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Oregon Scientific Pedometer

Oregon Scientific HPE8231111913001 Pedometer with Calorie Counter

The Oregon Scientific Pedometer Pulse Rate Meter is perhaps one of the best value for money pedometers on the market.

Just to recap... a pedometer will measure the distance you've walked or run and in some cases the number of calories you've burned. This one is unique in that it will measure your heart rate as well as the distance traveled and calories.

When you consider an "entry level" heart rate monitor costs around $60 at under $30 this one seems like an exceptional value. You won't find bog standard pedometers for much less.

In fact if you've considered buying a heart rate monitor in the past but you were put off by the price, this may be a good alternative for you.

The Oregon Scientific measures heart rate through an optical sensor. It measures how many steps you've taken (up to 99,999) and distance walked (up to 99,999 miles). It also measures calories burned. One disappointing feature is the short warranty. Most pedometers have a 1-year warranty but the Oregon Scientifi only comes with a 90-day warranty limited by manufacturer.

Online prices for this pedometer range from $15.95 and up to $39.95. If you're wary about purchasing over the Internet, stick to a well-known merchant with a good reputation. Examples include Amazon and overstock

Oregon Scientific Pedometer with Calorie Counter