Exercise Equipment Review

Perfect Pushup Review

The Perfect Pushup by Body Rev is a piece of exercise equipment that is designed to build muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders and back while minimizing risks of injury and strains to joints.

The Perfect Pushup comes with rotating cushioned handles, a unique feature which is very appealing to users. This rotational feature is helpful in muscle building and providing a more stress free workout. The ball bearing design aids this rotational feature and lets your arms rotate naturally. The units have nonslip bases for stability.

perfect pushup review
Designed by Alden Mills, a former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, the Perfect Pushup equipment is based on the objective of providing easy pushup techniques to people who often tend to find pushups difficult and stressful exercise. There is a 21 day workout plan included which is designed to benefit beginner as well as the athletes who have been involved in daily exercise programs. Additionally, The Perfect Pushup equipment comes with 10 workout cards. Each card provides various exercises derived from Navy SEAL workouts, aerobics, yoga and other techniques. Some of the workouts offered are: the super slow pushup, super slow-wide pushup and the super slow-close pushup.

In spite of concerns over the plastic quality of The Perfect Pushup, customers were fully satisfied with the comfort and effectiveness with their first use. Also, those with weak or injured wrists found the equipment helpful to them without adding much of a strain. Beginners state the equipment provides the right posture and less effort while doing push up exercise.

Overall, The Perfect Pushup has impressed customers and our team with a simple way to add variety to your workout routine while getting the most benefit possible to the areas The Perfect Pushup targets.