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Perfect Situp Review

Perfect Situp

As part of a regular workout routine, sit-ups are commonly added to help target the core muscles and move you closer to six pack ab success. Since having a firm mid-section is the goal of most regular gym-goers or those who choose to exercise in the comfort of their own homes, most are constantly on the lookout for the newest and greatest piece of abdominal equipment that will move them closer to their goals.

One product out on the market that you may want to take note of and consider is the Perfect Situp. One big problem with many people's ab workouts is that they simply aren't going about the movement pattern correctly.

Either they're twisting their body and placing a very large amount of unnecessary stress on their back joints or they're using other muscles in the arms or legs to help guide them through the movement, thus really taking away from the overall stimulation this exercise will provide.

The Perfect Situp is going to aim to stop this.

This machine is designed to help you perform a proper sit-up and will ensure that you aren't using any other muscles in the body to help execute the movement pattern. In addition to this, the machine is also going to provide you with a high degree of neck and back support, so if you've ever suffered from neck pain after a round of 100 or more sit-ups, you can rest assured that when using this piece of equipment that pain will be a problem of the past.

Because the Perfect Situp is going to ensure that you are using the absolute best form while moving through the movement pattern, this will also really enhance the overall results that you get.

Those who don't use proper form are not going to be challenging their ab muscles properly and will essentially just be wasting that workout time.

The Perfect Situp comes with a fully padded seat for utmost comfort and is made of rubber and steel for durability. In addition to this, if you are in a location where no soft surfaces are available to lie on to perform your sit-ups, having this piece of equipment will take the pressure off the back as the padded mat will provide cushioning for the back joints.

Weighing just 10 pounds and having measurements of just 23.5 by 15 by 18 inches, it's also very easy to pick up and transport anywhere necessary either for use or to hide it from view.

The only drawback to the Perfect Situp is the fact that you are limited to crunch-like movements while using it, so it won't be helpful for other abdominal exercises. Fortunately there are plenty of crunch varieties that can be performed to help reduce the amount of boredom experienced.

When you purchase the Perfect Situp you'll also receive a complimentary meal plan guide, which will show you what to eat and when in order to achieve the best results possible.

So if you're someone who isn't getting the results that you're looking for from your usual ab routine, give some consideration to the Perfect Situp. If you aren't using proper form, this machine will correct that problem instantly.