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Polar FS2C Review

Polar FS2C Heart Rate Monitor
If you're in the market for a heart rate monitor, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time researching. Ever since experts in health and fitness deemed calculating target heart rate as an effective method for an individual to determine their ideal zone for physical activity, the fitness industry has experienced a flood of heart rate monitors. Polar is one name that will come up often in your search for a heart rate monitor. Polar is a leading manufacturer of heart rate monitors. The company was founded in Finland the mid 1970s, and was the first company to develop a wireless heart rate monitor. Today, the company has suppliers all over the world and manufactures a large variety of monitors. The company's base model, the Polar FS2C is a product that you may want to consider in your search for a heart rate monitor.

The Polar FS2C is considered a starter heart rate monitor because it has basic functions. The monitor's main functions are to track and display your heart rate, and notify you when you are outside of your target range. The monitor displays your heart rate continuously, so you don't have to disrupt your workout to push any buttons. The monitor also includes an alarm (audible and visible) to alert you when you are out of your target hear rate range. In addition to monitor functions, the Polar FS2C also includes basic watch functions (time, date, and alarm) and is water resistant to more than 150 feet. This monitor is considered suitable for a wide variety of exercises such as cycling and running.

Polar FS2C customers are generally satisfied with the products and have positive feedback about the monitor. The widespread sentiment is that the heart rate monitor provides all the necessary functions and is efficient for its price (about $70). Customers also appreciate the large face that makes it easy to read the heart rate. The only negative remark customers have about the Polar FS2C is battery replacement. If the heart rate monitor's battery stops functioning, you will have to send it to Polar for a replacement. The monitor's battery life is about two years.

The Final Word: EER would be remiss if it didn't give a Polar product a thumbs up. The company consistently develops quality products that aim to provide its customers maximum benefit. The company's reputation aside, the most appealing aspect of the Polar FS2C is that it provides all the basic functions necessary to benefit from monitoring your heart rate while adding a few extras. As confirmed by customer comments, the basic functions are often all that is necessary for a large majority of the population interested in a heart rate monitor.