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Red Exerciser DX Review

Red Exerciser DX

If a dozen people were asked what part of their body they would like to improve the most, 11 if not all 12 of the people questioned would probably respond that they wanted to improve the appearance of their abdominal muscles. At one time, the six-pack was a bodily feature sought by men. Today, women as well as men spend a lot of time attempting to get the attractive six-pack. The fitness equipment industry has responded to these new fitness goals by providing products that focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Is the Red Exerciser DX capable of providing an effective abdominal workout? This little machine is actually packed with features to help just about anyone obtain stronger abdominal muscles. To use the machine, you sit on the 2" x 16" cushion, hold onto the handlebars located on each side of the equipment, and use your abdominal muscles to swing your legs from side to side. Since you are seated and supporting yourself with the handlebars, there is no undue stress on your back, which is typical with abdominal exercises that you perform on the floor. With up to 120 pounds of torsion resistance, this equipment can easily provide the power needed to attain strong abdominal muscles.

The Red Exerciser DX includes additional items to maximize your workout. When working to strengthen the abdominal muscles, it is important to also work those parts of the body that are integral to them functioning properly. A 20-minute DVD workout exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as the arms and back, accompanies the Red Exerciser DX. It goes without saying that you can’t have strong abdominal muscles if you’re not eating properly. A nutrition guide also ships with the Red Exercise DX to help you achieve your goal.

The Red Exerciser DX is designed for home use. The machine can be adjusted to three inches to accommodate the needs of multiple users. When you are finished working out, you can easily fold the equipment and store it in a discreet location. The machine weighs just less than 20 pounds and is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds.

Abdominal machines average from $80 to $300. Priced at about $175, the Red Exerciser DX is slightly higher than most of its competitors. However, abdominal machines are not known for longevity. After constant use the parts for these machines often require replacement. The good news about the Red Exerciser DX is that it is very unlikely that you will have to replace any parts. Since the machine will probably have a long life, the cost is appropriate.

The majority of the complaints for the Red Exerciser DX are in the form of criticism of the tension settings and the handles. You can easily adjust the tension, but some users found that the highest setting rendered the equipment unsteady. The position of the handles is also a frequent complaint. Some users state that they have to hold onto something else to experience a serious abdominal "burn." Other complaints include the "Its just a barstool" are welcomed because a lot of exercise equipment is simple at the core, so if you know how to get in shape using a barstool then you could just skip this product. For many people sitting on the barstool too long is why they are looking for this product.

In summary, the Red Exerciser DX is an abdominal machine that provides a low impact and easy-to-use method of strengthening the abdominal muscles. With the nutrition and fitness guides, just about anyone should be able to improve the appearance of their abdominal muscles using the Red Exerciser DX.