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Rowbike Review

If you're looking for a brand new piece of fitness equipment to try out, the Rowbike may have caught your eye. Cyclists will especially be drawn to this as it appears to be a cycle with the exception that you aren't using your legs to power the movement - you're using your arms.

As anyone who is a frequent cyclist would know, going out on regular rides will really help to boost the level of leg strength development that you show however, cycling is going to do very little to give you an upper body workout.

While the legs are the largest area of the body and will rapidly be burning up calories, if you aren't hitting the entire body, you're missing half the picture.

The Rowbike solves this problem very quickly.

The product has a relatively sturdy build and will be able to support any user that stands between 5'2" and 6'4", so fitting the Rowbike tends not to be an issue for most people. In addition to this, the Rowbike comes equipped with higher pressure tires that help to make turning the Rowbike and manoeuvring around easier than one might think.

But that said, you likely won't be wheeling this bike around tight corners like you may on a regular cycling bike so it'll be important to keep that in perspective.

Rowbike Review

Another great point about this bike is that it comes with seven speeds built right in, allowing you to adjust the pace to your level of desired workout intensity and be sure that you're getting the workout you desire. Whether you're just starting out or are at a more advanced level, the Rowbike will still be compatible with your workout goals.

Many people do find that it's very difficult to go up hills with a Rowbike so that's yet another point to keep in mind. If you are planning on a hilly path to take for a given workout, you may want to stick with the traditional cycle instead.

It would be a very wise move to vary your workouts across the Rowbike and the traditional cycle bike as then you will get a good balance of both worlds and will get great leg strengthening as well as upper body strengthening conditioning. If you're using the bikes avidly, this will also reduce the risk of overuse issues, which could become a concern in some cases.

One thing is for certain though, anyone who does suffer from knee pain or who is coming off an injury will very much appreciate what the Rowbike has to offer. If you aren't a runner at heart and cycling is your preferred mode of exercise, you can still maintain your fitness level through using the Rowbike regularly.

So if you're looking for a new approach to your workouts and feel like you're missing out by not getting the full body workout in with your bike, change it up and consider the Rowbike instead. It's not only fun but it will give you a great workout as well.