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Shake Weight Review

If you were to poll a group of women and ask them what part of their body they think needs the most toning, arms would probably show up as a top choice for many of the women. This is evident in the number of exercise products on the market that are designed to help women tone up. Some of these products are in the form or machines, while others are quite simply. The Shake Weight falls in the latter category. If you have had an occasion to stay up late watching television, there is a good chance that you have seen the Shake Weight and heard about its unique approach for helping women toning their arms. Read on to discover exactly what the product has to offer.

Shake Weight

The manufactures of the Shake Weight claim that by simply grabbing the dumb bell-looking device and shaking it you can experience sculpted arm muscles. The claim is based on new technology called dynamic inertia. Essentially, dynamic inertia is the natural force of resistance. In relation to muscle toning with the Shake Weight, the continuous shaking motion is supposed to work the arm muscles (biceps and triceps) as well as the chest and shoulders at such a level that muscle development occurs when using the equipment at least six minutes each day over a short period of time.

The technology behind the Shake Weight may sound complicated. However, if simple is what you're looking for in exercise equipment, it doesn't get much more simple than the Shake Weight. The equipment consists only of a large dumbbell-looking component that weighs about three pounds. The product does not require batteries or assembly. You can get started right away toning your arms. If you're worried about monotony, the product does ship with a DVD workout that features varied ways of using the equipment to tone the arms.

Many people who claim to have used the Shake Weight agree that they feel silly using the product. However, most report that the six-minute workout with the equipment does cause muscle burn and over time result in toned arms. Most people who have purchased the product also appreciate the price The Shake Weight costs $19.95.

Final Words: Although the Shake Weight is capable of providing only a small amount of benefit toward overall good physical health, EER gives the Shake Weight a single thumbs-up. The product is easily accessible, inexpensive, and seems to produce some physical benefits. The only downside of the product that EER considers is that it is not available in multiple sizes and/or weights like traditional dumbbells.