Exercise Equipment Review

Smart Crunch Review

If you were to peruse the fitness equipment available today, those that work abdominal muscles would probably be more prevalent. It seems people want to strengthen this area of the body and the fitness industry continuously tries to satisfy the need. The Smart Crunch is the latest equipment on the scene that promises to help the abdominal area.

How does the Smart Crunch differ from other similar equipment on the market? Body By Jake, the maker of the equipment, claims that the product can help people work key abdominal muscles and strengthen their back with only a 4-minute workout that consists of the following exercises:

You accomplish the above-mentioned exercises using motion that is similar to what you would use on a rowing machine. You sit on a heavily cushioned seat and pull yourself up using the machine's handles or your own weight. With every forward movement you make, the cushioned roll located in the back of the equipment moves with you to support your back. You are able to choose from five levels of resistance. For more variety you can use a rebounder with the Smart Crunch, which looks like a vertical trampoline and is positioned in front of the seat. You toss a small ball against the rebounder as you exercise on the equipment. The rebounder is sold separately.

The Smart Crunch is suitable for a wide range of sizes and exercise levels. The seat can be adjusted to accommodate people between 4' 10" and 6' 5", and the machine is able to support up to 300 pounds. The equipment ships with DVDs and a book to help you obtain the most benefit from the machine. The Smart Crunch doesn't require much space, and when you\u2019re done using the equipment you can simply fold it down and store it under your bed.

Jake Steinfeld and his many years as a celebrity personal trainer and fitness personality is the inspiration behind Body By Jake, the company that manufactures the Smart Crunch. The company has been in existence since 1990 and offers a variety of exercise and healthy eating products, as well as apparel and reading material.

There is some negative feedback about the Smart Crunch, but these are mostly from people who have not actually used the equipment. Feedback about the product from actual users is generally positive. Most people like that it appears the machine is doing most of the work. The people who have particularly positive comments about this equipment are people who don't have time for a long workout routine, have suffered an injury and need therapeutic equipment, and people interested in weight loss. There are no reported complaints about the close to $200 price tag on the Smart Crunch, which is the high end of abdominal machines similar in class.

Final Words: Does the world need another abdominal exercise machine? Maybe not, but the Smart Crunch receives a thumbs up from EER for its focus on delivering a product that is easy to use, relatively safe, and doesn't require long workout schedules.