Exercise Equipment Review

Smooth 6.75 Folding Treadmill

Smooth 565 folding treadmill

Although treadmills are one of the most popular exercise equipment, there two aspects of the equipment that people tend to dislike its tendency to be heavy and take up a lot of space. In these days of life simplification, people are typically more interested in exercise equipment that is simple and doesn't require a lot of room. Smooth Fitness, a leading manufacturer of treadmills, has responded to the complaints by creating a host of folding treadmills that are lightweight yet durable. One of the company's top contenders in the treadmill marketplace is the Smooth 6.75.

It's amazing that Smooth Fitness sees room for improvement of their top rated treadmills. The Smooth 6.75 is an upgrade of the Smooth 6.45. The treadmill features upgrades that the manufacturer made across the board, which include a narrower walking/running surface, an improved display, and a lighter machine. These improvements were general in nature, but enhance a user's workout. Another advancement of this treadmill is the addition of an input jack. Runners no longer have to accept shaking music players while they workout.

If it's power that catches your attention, the 3.0 horsepower (continuous) provided by the Smooth 6.75 should be good news. The treadmill is also designed with pulse width modulation (PWM), an electronic technology that increases power while lowering the amp draw and making the equipment whisper quiet. The treadmill also has a state-of-the-art shock absorption system that is designed to lessen the impact on your joints as well as your back.

The Smooth 6.75 includes several features to enhance your experience. When considering your workout, there are 12 different programs from which you can choose. You can choose a workout that is geared toward burning calories or improving your heart rate, speed, or distance. The equipment also enables you to manually set your incline and speed to a setting that is ideal for you. The heart rate function is a tool you can use to both improve and monitor your heart rate. You can input your target heart rate and use the handgrips to read your heart rate while you exercise. The machine will automatically increase or decrease the incline and speed according to how close or far off your heart rate is from the target.

As mentioned previously, treadmills that take up space are frowned upon in the home fitness equipment industry. There are wheels at the bottom of the machine for you to easily roll the equipment to a less conspicuous location. The equipment is also easy to raise and lower. The Smooth 6.75 is easily hoisted using a gas shock system, and is set in place using a "soft drop."

Both industry experts and general users of the Smooth 6.75 are providing positive feedback for the treadmill. People are happy with the improvements, especially the increased power and speed. Seasoned runners are especially pleased that the treadmill is suitable for them and yet priced affordable (about $1399) than higher end models.

Final Words: EER gives the Smooth 6.75 a thumbs up. Smooth Fitness has a reputation for making "real" improvements to their equipment that benefits the user and the Smooth 6.75 is a great example. The equipment is still new to the industry, but shows excellent promise as a mid-level treadmill.