Exercise Equipment Review

Smooth CE 2.0

A workout routine that strengthens both your upper and lower body, also referred to as cross training, is considered ideal for optimal fitness. Of the many types of home fitness machines on the market, elliptical trainers are considered excellent for cross training. With so many elliptical trainers available, finding one just right for you might prove to be a somewhat challenging task. A good place to start shopping for these elliptical machines is to browse what is available with a manufacturer that is well known in the fitness industry. Smooth Fitness is one such manufacturer. In addition to elliptical trainers, the company also manufacturers exercise bikes and treadmills.

Smooth CE 2.0 Elliptical Trainer

The Smooth CE 2.0 is considered a standard level elliptical trainer, but includes features that both beginner and advanced individuals can appreciate. The machine includes 12 preset programs. You also have the option to design your own program or set the elliptical trainer to a specific mode. The User Program mode allows you to design your own program while the Manual mode allows you to modify resistance settings on the fly. The Watts mode allows you to modify the amount of power the equipment outputs during a workout. Adjusting your heart rate during a workout is a snap with the Heart Rate mode. You simply input the heart rate value you want to achieve and the Smooth CE 2.0 automatically varies your workout intensity to keep your heart rate at or below this value.

The mechanical features of the Smooth CE 2.0 are also notable. You can adjust the handlebars and foot pedals according to your specific physical needs. Adjusting these components can also function to vary your workout. For example, setting the pedals and handlebars far apart is a good strategy to increase the intensity of your workout. Reversing the stride setting on the Smooth CE 2.0 is another available way you can increase the challenge level of a workout.

You can easily track your progress on the Smooth CE 2.0. The machine uses your input weight and height to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and composition of body fat, two factors that are commonly used to determine level of fitness and to help manage weight loss. Your heart rate is measured when you place your hands on the sensors. These values, in addition to resistance, calories burned, time, distance, and speed are presented on the machine's color console.

There are several features of the Smooth CE 2.0 Elliptical Trainer that appeal to people. Of these, the $699 price tag is the most popular. Many elliptical trainers on the market with comparable features of the Smooth CE 2.0 are no less than $1000. This machine is ideal for just about everyone. However, individuals who are taller than average will probably find an elliptical trainer with a longer stride more suitable.