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Sole F85 Review

Sole is a company that designs and manufacturers fitness machines. Their name may not be as recognizable as other top fitness equipment companies, but in the more than 20 years that they have been in business they have carved a niche in the fitness equipment market. The company sells treadmills that are generally considered above average. They partner with various hotels to provide treadmills in hotel rooms. The company's product line consists mostly of treadmills, so they are able to focus on producing top quality treadmills. Of their product offerings, the Sole F85 is considered their top of the line.

Many people consider a treadmill workout boring. The main cause of this thought is the style of treadmill used. Low-end machines are usually less expensive, but often offer very few features. In addition, the cushion system may offer insufficient stress relief for the joints, which can make you feel more tired and fatigued. The Sole F85 is a machine that offers an interesting workout for everyone. The athletic individual will appreciate the 3.5 continuous horsepower, 12-miles per hour speed, and 15% incline. Outdoor track runners who use the treadmill during inclement weather will appreciate the track feature that shows a graphic of a quarter-mile track that indicates the distance traveled. This machine is designed for extreme comfort and flexibility. The belt is double woven, the deck features an extra shock-absorbent deck, and the running area is built on a stable system.

In addition to the standard six preset programs and 2 custom programs, the Sole F85 includes two heart rate programs. The heart rate programs are beneficial to any workout program because they determine your target range based on your individual input. This is particularly useful for those individuals that are just starting an exercise regimen or who have health conditions. In comparison to the average top-of-the line treadmill, the Sole F85 offers a larger running area and deck size, and can support more weight (400 pounds compared to 350 pounds).

Sole F85 Treadmill Review

The Sole F85 is a powerful machine, but it is user friendly. The system assists you with programming your selections by suggesting the next step. The display is large, tri-colored, and scrolls through six windows during use to mimic the treadmills used in fitness clubs. As you workout you can watch the display scroll typical treadmill readings: heart rate, calories burned, distance, incline, and speed.

What people don't like about the Sole F85 is what they don't like about most treadmills: the heart pulse grip heart rate measurement. Many people feel that this type of measurement device is inaccurate. The good news about the Sole F85 it that is includes two heart rate controls, a wireless chest strap and a hand pulse grip. It is generally believed that the pulse grips aren't as accurate on treadmills. The chest strap is an excellent option for measuring heart rate for people who don't consider the strap too constraining.

The Sole F85 Treadmill is priced at just under $2599. This is an excellent price considering other treadmills in its class can cost as much as $5000 or more.