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The Thigh Master Reviewed

susan summers thigh master

The Thigh Master offers a solution to what is a difficult part of the body to exercise without expensive gym equipment.

You can perform most exercises at home with a set of dumbbells or a home gym, but targeting your abductors and adductors (inner and outer thighs) specifically is difficult... which is probably why Thigh Master is so popular.

Many people see it as the complete solution -- a tool that will transform their physique by burning fat and sculpting muscles. Unfortunately it's not quite as straight forward as that...

Here's a brief explanation of a theory called spot reduction and why it's important if you're thinking of buying a Thigh Master.

Spot reduction states that if you exercise a particular muscles group (like your thighs) you will burn fat from that area. Not true. Any health and fitness expert will tell you that spot reduction is completely dismissed. To lose excess fat, wherever it may be stored on your body, requires you to burn more calories than you consume. Do that and your body will take the fat from wherever it put it last!

 Thigh Master With Color Box
Used consistently the Thigh Master will tone and strengthen your muscles in your thighs and other areas. But if they are still hidden under a layer of fat you won't see much difference. Combine the Thigh Master with some aerobic exercise and a sensible diet and you're on to a winner!

This product is about as simple a piece of exercise equipment as they come, which is not a bad thing. I've had difficulty finding independent customer reviews on the product but from those I have come across, feedback is mixed...

Some users love the product and find it very effective at strengthening and toning their thighs. For others it's too easy and the lack of resistance causes a problem. The manufacturers recommend using it for 20 minutes a day, which is more realistic than the usual 3 to 5 minutes.

This is one of the lower priced "as seen on TV" fitness products. But it's more of an accessory than a total solution. If you already have some other fitness equipment like dumbbells or a home gym, the Thigh Master would be a great addition to work those difficult-to-target muscle groups.

If this is the only piece of equipment you'll have, combine it's use with some aerobic exercise (even just walking) and a sensible diet and you'll have a much better chance of success.