Exercise Equipment Review

Vision Fitness R2050

Bicycles have always been a focus of Vision Fitness for many years. In 1996 the company went from being a division of the Trek Bicycle Company to being its own company. The company initially offered only three styles of exercise bikes. Today, they provide a host of fitness equipment, exercise bikes being their staple product. The Vision Fitness R2050 is a standout product in the company's offerings because it is middle-of-the-road in regard to features and price offerings. A wide range of users find this machine suitable for their fitness needs.

The Vision Fitness R2050 is a recumbent bike that can help you reach just about any health-related goal. Interested in a challenging workout that gets your heart rate up? This machine comes with 16 levels of resistance. You can set the resistance at one level for the entire workout or slowly increase and decrease the resistance while you exercise. If you want the system to remember a specific workout, you can create up to nine profiles. For homes with individuals at different fitness levels, this allows each person to create a workout specifically designed for their level of fitness. As you exercise on the equipment, the LCD console provides feedback, such as the speed you're traveling, the distance you've traveled, the program and profile you're using, as well as the amount of time that has transpired.

The features mentioned above are just about standard for recumbent bikes. The company seems to put more focus on promoting comfort and durability features. For example, the company recognizes that getting into a seated position is difficult task for some people. The Vision Fitness R2050 has a step thru frame that provides easy access to the bike. A feature that everyone can appreciate is the Comfort ARC with lumbar support. If you plan to spend any time on this machine, you can expect your back to obtain adequate support and you to experience a comfortable workout. Self-balancing pedals keep your workout smooth. You can also easily adjust the straps to fit your feet comfortably. The 21-pound balanced flywheel design is another feature of this system that gives you the appropriate amount of resistance for your workout. What results is a smooth stationary ride instead of one that is jerky and shaky. The machine also supports up to 300 pounds, an amount that is slightly over the average support level.

Recumbent bikes can be noisy, but usually not as loud as other exercise equipment. Most makers of recumbent bikes enclose the mechanics to lessen the amount of noise emitted during a workout. The makers of the Vision Fitness R2050 went a step further and incorporated a poly-V belt drive that delivers a workout that is virtually void of sound.

In addition to the user-centric mechanics and design, the Vision Fitness R2050 is revered for its price. With a price tag of $899, this recumbent bike is below the cost of its competitors. Considering all the features and benefits of this machine, the inexpensive price tag can be considered another way the company considers the users of its fitness equipment.