Exercise Equipment Review

Vision Fitness X6100

vision fitness x6100

Ellipticals are quickly becoming the home fitness equipment choice for many people. One of the reasons for its popularity is that the equipment offers conditioning of both lower-body and upper-body muscles. These machines are also becoming more popular because they are generally very easy on the joints. For many years, people who were interested in a low-impact exercise machine were limited to treadmills. Ellipticals are slowly slipping into the therapeutic market. This equipment is for people just starting an exercise program or for people who have sustained an injury that prevents them from using more challenging equipment. Vision Fitness is an exercise equipment provider that has existed since 1996 and has won several Best Buy awards, making it a contender in the home fitness equipment market. One of its leading machines is the Vision Fitness X6100.

As you would expect from a top fitness provider, the Vision Fitness X6100 enables users to program the machine for different options for its programs including manual, fat burn, and intervals. The console displays common feedback for distance, calories burned, heart rate, and speed. If you use the machine in a room that is not well lit, the blue backlit STN LCD console will enable you to read the feedback. The system reads heart rate from the handgrips. The drive train consists of a poly-V belt that is designed with Quite-Glide ®, which the maker refers to as super silent. The arms on the Vision X6100 are longer than most ellipticals. This feature is designed to provide a workout that is extra smooth. The pedals are standard, but are constructed so that the user can enjoy a workout that simulates natural movement.

The Vision Fitness X6100 is made of steel and weighs nearly 200Lbs. Since the machine is heavy, some users will want to choose one location and leave the equipment there. However, there are wheels at the bottom of the machine so you can easily move it if necessary. The equipment is just under 4-feet long and should easily fit in a corner. The stride length is about 20 inches and in line with other ellipticals in its class. If you want to challenge yourself and give your hamstrings more of a workout, you can easily pedal backwards on this machine. You can expect to pay around $1700 for the Vision Fitness X6100.

The overall rating of the Vision Fitness by consumers is slightly above average. Many consumers consider the equipment to exhibit a solid construction that provides a decent workout. According to consumer reviews, the poly-V belt drive system is the most unfavorable feature of the Vision Fitness X6100. Despite being marketed as a smooth and quiet elliptical, some consumer reviews report that there is a "jerky" feeling to the machine. This translates to an uncomfortable workout. Consumers report several average and above-average features, including the abundant resistance and program levels. The main difference in the Vision Fitness X6100 and the two models above it is how the pedal arm is set automatically to a position that is ergonomic. The stride on the 6000 model is longer and more suitable for taller consumers.